1 room, 2 kids: 10 ideas to share the space

When you live in a small apartment, or when the family grows, it is not always possible to offer each child his or her own room. Here are 10 ways to share the space and arrange the kids room so that everyone has a world of their own.

How can you comfortably accommodate two kids when you only have one room? Since apartments do not always have a sufficient number of rooms, or since the family is growing. It sometimes happens that the little ones find themselves sharing the same room. In such cases, solutions are needed to create a space for each of them. Allowing them to live together in a small space without getting in each other’s way.

Depending on the age and personality of each kid. There are several options for dividing a room into two separate spaces, making living together more enjoyable. That’s why the furniture is already a first answer to the problem. Twin beds or bunk beds, they can be installed next to each other, facing the same direction or not, one above the other, or each in a corner of the room.

The next step is to personalize each universe, create separations so that they can isolate themselves. And allow them to regain some intimacy. A library, an office, or even a curtain can thus serve as a virtual separation. Also colored paint, wallpaper. And even colored bed linen can also help to identify two spaces and create different atmospheres for each.

All it takes is a bit of imagination, and a few good ideas to copy, to best arrange a room for two. Here are 10 examples of clever layouts to fill up on ideas.

Color to separate the kids room in two

The design: The room is here divided in two and each space is worked in a symmetrical way except for a few details. It is the flat areas of color on the wall at the headboard that create this purely visual division.

A little extra tip: By using inverted or highly contrasting colors like here, mustard yellow and pastel pink. The room doesn’t need a partition: it’s up to you to play on the furniture to create a mirror game.

kids room

Bunk beds like a boat cabin

The design: In the same way as bunk beds,. These two mattresses installed one above the other give the room the look of a boat cabin. Where each child has his or her own space here, quiet but not isolated, with a small niche decorated with a light fixture for more comfort.

A little extra tip: Use different colors to personalize each space to the child’s tastes and help them create their own world.

blue bedroom

Two beds separated by a desk

The design: The two beds are separated by a desk, which allows each one to isolate himself on his side without partitioning the space. A good idea when you need to share your room, but you want to be able to keep some privacy. A little bonus here: the desk shelf that slides on both sides, practical to work together when needed.

A little extra tip: A second desk set up against the left wall, so that everyone can do their homework at their own pace. And in an environment that allows them to concentrate properly.

kids room

Stick the beds head to toe to encourage moments of sharing

The design: Placing two beds end to end is an original way to arrange a room for two children. Although some people wish to have separate spaces, others like to be together for moments of complicity. These beds, placed head to toe, allow them to chat comfortably.

A little extra tip: Dare to be colorful in the children’s room! Especially when they are small, because it stimulates their brains.

kids room

Beds in a row for a sailor’s cabin style room

The design: Beds in a row with the spirit of bunks, for a room in the style of a sailor’s cabin. This will please the children who will be able to play sailors without getting out of bed. As for the parents. They will appreciate the storage space, cleverly placed under the mattress. Or the shelves, which allow them to clear the way in the blink of an eye.

A little extra tip: Each side can be personalized, with a different wallpaper for example, or colored bed linen, especially if the room is intended to accommodate a girl and a boy.

child bedroom

Two small twin beds that don’t make anyone jealous

The design: Two small beds installed one next to the other for children who like to share everything, day and night. The room is attic, which requires a lot of imagination to optimize the available space.

A little extra tip: To choose personalized bed linen so that each one can, in spite of everything, keep his universe with him.

grey bedroom

Two colors for sharing the kids room

The design: The layout of this chamber allows the surface to be divided in half lengthwise in a symmetrical way. Here, there is total equality, an ideal design to avoid jealousy. The furniture is the same on each side, only the desk is shared. The distinction between the two spaces is made thanks to the use of two very different colors, which plunge each side into a personalized universe.

A little extra tip: The use of the curtains brings a little more intimacy.

child bedroom

Curtains for more privacy

The design: Installing a bed canopy with curtains on each side allows you to isolate the beds from each other. While creating a small cocoon within the room where you can retreat when you feel like being alone.

A little extra tip: Using hook and loop tape to fix the curtains allows you to change their place as you wish, or even to remove them permanently without too much trouble.

child bedroom

Original bunk beds for a fun room

The design: Bunk beds that allow freeing a maximum of space in the center of the room, ideal therefore for small rooms in which two children have to be installed. Their staggered position gives everyone a place of their own, and the structure. Inspired by playgrounds, creates a playful universe that will transform bedtime into a fun.

A little extra tip: Set in the corner of the room, this bed leaves space for a play area, or for a more studious corner with desks and a library.

grey bedroom

A headboard as a separation in kids room

The design: Installed in the extension of each other, these two beds are separated by a small partition that also serves as a headboard. A clever way to optimize the space when there is not enough places in a small room. Another good idea is the light spot. Which allows you to light up just enough to be able to read without disturbing your neighbor.

A little extra tip: A shelf that runs along the wall, handy to put stuffed animals, put an alarm clock, or store a few books, and keep them handy.

blue bedroom

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