10 decorating tips to relook the entrance without ruining it

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the entrance is essential because it is the entrance that welcomes your guests and sets the tone, so it goes without saying that its layout and decoration must be carefully planned and decorated. Fortunately, it is not necessary to invest a fortune to relook the entrance. The proof is in the pudding.

1.A different floor to relook the entrance

To formalize this transition zone between inside and outside, it may be interesting to treat the soil differently. For example, you can choose to highlight the entrance to the house with vinyl tiles that can be glued down.

Tip: There are many models that can be installed directly on the existing floor. They allow a quick and efficient changeover!

a different floor in entrance

2.A graphic wallpaper

It is well known that the first impression is the most important. So we might as well mark the occasion by choosing to create a graphic and aesthetic focal point to relook the entrance!

Tip: With a simple strip of wallpaper with geometric, floral or colorful patterns, you will give character to the most classic of appetizers.

a graphic wallpaper

3.A touch of color

Color can also help you stand out. But be careful, don’t forget that the entrance remains a space between the inside and the outside, day and night. We therefore avoid dark tones to allow a smooth transition.

Tip: Rather than working the entire space with the same color, choose to highlight a particular element. Niche or storage will be sublimated by it for example.

a touch of color

4.A large mirror to relook the entrance

In a classic entrance, space is usually limited. However, nothing is less pleasant than to receive your guests in a very small space. We then cunningly try to change the perception of the room thanks to a nice game of mirror.

Tip: By choosing an XXL model to lay on the floor, you simplify your life: no difficulty to fix it and the guarantee to visually multiply the available volume!

a large mirror in entrance

5.A round carpet

A pretty carpet in an entrance hall allows to underline that we finally arrived and that we can get rid of what connects us to the outside. The softer and more comfortable it will be and the more convivial your space will be.

Tip: By choosing a round carpet whose shape symbolizes protection, you will welcome your guests in the nicest possible way.

a round carpet

6.Multicolored hooks

For the entrance to be welcoming, it is imperative that it is well ordered! By working on the accumulation of colored pegs as a decorative bias, you will combine practicality and aesthetics at the same time.

Tip: Don’t necessarily try to align your hooks, but rather fix them randomly. They will allow children and adults alike to become storage professionals!

multicolored hooks in entrance

7.An antique wardrobe

Very often, the door of the house opens directly into the living room and we have to use our imagination to “create” a real entrance area without saturating the available space. If you like to hunt and want to stand out, don’t hesitate to opt for an old school checkroom.

Tip: These all-in-one vintage elements (bench and associated hooks) make it possible to create a real entrance area without taking up a lot of space.

an antique wardrobe in entrance

8.A colorful light fixture

The light in an entrance is not to be neglected to make your interior as welcoming as possible. Neither too weak, nor too strong, at the risk of making your guests want to run away.

Tip: By opting for a colored model, you will soften your lighting and create a real atmosphere (whether the light is on or not)!

colorful light fixture in entrance

9.Storage boxes to relook the entrance

When organizing the layout of your entrance, it is important to think about all the things you will be storing. Between coats, shoes, sports equipment, scarves and umbrellas, it is better to play the modularity card.

Tip: Simple crates placed next to each other or on top of each other will allow you to adapt your storage according to your needs. They will also serve as a service area where you can leave your keys and telephone on your way home.

storage boxes in entrance

10.An original foundation

Having a small corner in a hallway where you can sit for a while, either to wait for latecomers or to tie your shoes, also makes the space more comfortable.

Since this seat will be one of the only pieces of furniture in the entrance, it is good form to make it stand out.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to play the surprise and divert some unexpected objects. An IPN, for example, painted in yellow and dressed with a wooden seat, becomes a luminous improvised bench. It also underlines the pretty length of this entrance.

an original foundation in entrance