10 ideas to succeed a modern farmhouse style

You can see it in the decorating magazines and on TV shows, the modern farmhouse style is everywhere. But why is this style so popular?

  • Because of its warmth.
  • It’s not just about design.
  • It’s about simplicity.
  • It’s not excessive or over the top.
  • It’s a combination of traditional elements and modern touches.

While there’s no clear definition of modern farmhouse style, we’ve put 10 ideas for a modern farmhouse style to help you recreate this look.

1.Shiplap walls

If you’ve ever watched episodes of certain home improvement shows, specifically the American show Fixer Upper, you know that this type of tongue-and-groove wood plank wall is a must-see. It’s the star element for transforming an ordinary room in a dramatic way.

This distinct look that gives the wall a chic, old-fashioned look can easily be replicated at home and at relatively little cost. There are several guides online that can help you step by step to recreate it in your home.

shiplap walls in farmhouse style
credit Lindsay Sacculo Interiors LLC

2.Wide plank floors

The flooring you choose in your home will be very important especially if you are going for the modern farmhouse look. Wide planks, especially for rustic wood floors, will go a long way in achieving the desired look. Since most modern farmhouse styles are characterized by their large open spaces, wider planks will fit the scale of the room much better than if you opt for narrow oak planks or marble tiles.

wide plank floors
credit Côté Maison

3.Barn doors on the inside

Sliding barn doors are no longer just for farm animals. They are now used extensively to make an interior space stand out. In the modern farmhouse style, these doors are used to separate rooms or define spaces and can also be installed as closet doors, in front of shelves, storage spaces or audio-video devices.

barn doors on the inside
credit Luisa maria

4.Shaker style kitchen cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are perfect for a modern farmhouse kitchen because of their beautiful simplicity. Painted in white, light blue or sage green, accompanied by understated hardware, Shaker style cabinets will give the kitchen the perfect touch to complement the farmhouse style in the kitchen.

shaker style kitchen cabinets in farmhouse style
credit Design Shop Interiors

5.Farmhouse style kitchen sink

The farmhouse style sink evokes a time when sinks were used for cooking, canning and washing toddlers. And, honestly, who doesn’t dream of going back to that time? I certainly do. Country or farmhouse style sinks are large and often have an “apron”. They are simple, they are beautiful and, most importantly, they are of unparalleled quality.

farmhouse style kitchen sink
credit Lauren @ Bless’er House

6.Metal elements in farmhouse style

Adding accents to your modern farmhouse allows your personality and personal style to shine through every space in your home. It can be fun to include metallic accents such as iron, galvanized steel and wire elements in a way that reflects today’s trends and vintage style. Bed frames, stools, wall art and even shelves are easy ways to arrange these metal elements in your own way.

metal elements
credit Croft House

7.A mix of rustic and industrial furniture

One of the interests of the farmhouse style is the ability to incorporate a variety of rustic and industrial style accents and furniture in any room. You can have a sleek leather sofa paired with soft knit pillows or a pale fabric sectional adorned with dark metallic or Berber-inspired pillows. Almost anything goes with the casual modern farmhouse style, no matter what room you want to furnish.

Remember, though, that in most cases, it’s better to do more with less.

a mix of rustic and industrial furniture
credit Better Homes and Gardens

8.Natural textiles in farmhouse style

In a farmhouse-style room, we see comfortable sofas, well-stuffed pillows and natural textiles. Worn wood with beautiful grain and deep grooves, wall decorations with vintage floral patterns, clear glass and imperfect vases, burlap baskets and soft cotton blankets all capture the essence of the farmhouse.

natural textiles in farmhouse style
credit Kate Dosier

9.Neutral palette and dark accents

Traditional farms were built quickly and efficiently. Farmers wanted to concentrate on their work and did not have a lot of time and money to spend on their homes. Instead of spending on paint and wallpaper, they used natural or whitewashed wood for cost and speed of application.

To continue this tradition, modern farmhouse style homes tend to be white or off-white in color which complements the hardwood floors. Feel free to use colors you like, as long as they are in the farmhouse color range, i.e. neutral or light.

neutral palette and dark accents
credit Studio McGee

10.Animal accents

Accents and accessories are absolutely essential to complete this look, but under no circumstances should you overdo it. A well-placed oversized poster of a farm animal, in pastel or black and white, small wooden animal statues placed next to a plant on a shelf are all popular and acceptable choices for decor in this style… A variety of textures, including light colored furs and wool mixed with metals and woods, will add depth to the farmhouse style of your home.

Now it’s your turn! Take these ten essentials of the modern farmhouse look and have some fun! Get creative and incorporate new and old touches into every room of your home. Each room is unique and I suggest starting with the room where you and your family spend the most time, so you can enjoy it the most.

Most people choose to start with their living room or kitchen. Living rooms are simple to design because you can usually do most of the work yourself. Add some light colored paint, replace standard light fixtures with industrial ones, and while you’re at it, cover the wall your fireplace sits on.

animal accents in farmhouse style
credit Crew & Company