12 tips to success a dressing room by yourself?

How to make a dressing room by yourself? What are the factors to take into account when making it? How to set up a dressing room project and design it?  In this article we explain how to create a dressing room and give you all the information and advice you need to understand how to make it by yourself.

Elaborate the plans

Before starting to create a dressing room, it is essential to take the time to elaborate your project. The realization of one or more design schemes is useful to explore the different possibilities offered by the available space.

This first step will give you an idea of the materials and accessories to be purchased and will allow you to plan the appropriate budget. You must have determined where you wish to install your dressing room. If it is a classic bedroom type room, choose a linear or “L” shape that will allow you to exploit an angle, a space that is often lost. If, on the other hand, you have a room completely dedicated to storage, you can plan a “U” shaped installation that will allow you to cover all the walls of the room.

Please note: most individuals opt for the creation of a closet with a connection to the bedroom or bathroom.

Taking the dimensions of a dressing room

Concerning the dimensions, we recommend you to provide a dressing room with a height measured from floor to ceiling. If your room is of standard dimensions, your wardrobe can be up to 2m50 high. As for depth, here again, you will have to adapt to the space you have available. However, it is advisable to plan at least 50 cm deep so that you can at least place hangers on a rod. Be aware that a dressing room that is too deep, even if it offers a greater storage capacity, is not always the most practical solution because it becomes difficult to access the items at the back.

The spaces to be provided for a dressing room

To design a dressing room that perfectly suits your needs you can list the different items you wish to store: clothes, shoes, accessories, bed linen, bath linen and other things. On your diagrams, try to plan a place for each of the elements.

At the very least, you must create a closet space by installing a rod. We advise you to also provide drawers, very useful for underwear and accessories (belts, scarves…). You will find many ingenious systems from different manufacturers to make your daily life easier, especially for storing shoes, ties or an ironing board integrated into the dressing room.

Finally, the section devoted to shelves should not be neglected. It will allow you to stack sweaters and t-shirts. Here, the goal is not to space out the shelves too much, otherwise you risk creating unstable stacks of clothes or wasting space that will remain empty.

Define the dressing room design

Once the dimensions have been chosen and the interior layout imagined, you can focus on the design of your dressing room and more particularly on the materials you wish to use. Indeed, today the wardrobe is much more than a simple storage space, it must fit perfectly into your interior. You can perfectly imagine doors covered with a mirror, matte or lacquered finishes in the color of your choice. The structure is usually made of melamine chipboard and wooden or glass shelves. If you have a small budget, you can also consider closing your wardrobe by installing curtains.

Installing lighting

Finally, it is important to think about the lighting in your walk in closet to quickly find what you are looking for. The dressing room is a storage space but can also be the ideal place to get dressed. Light will therefore play an important role. You can put spotlights or leds that you can recess during the realization of the wardrobe. The ideal is to provide an automatic lighting system that is triggered when you pass in front of the dressing room or when you open the doors.

How to make a dressing room by yourself?

There are many models of dressing-room kits available in the shops. All you have to do is assemble the different elements in a precise order. However, if you want a custom-made closet, we advise you to design and make your own closet. Please note that some do-it-yourself stores offer to make the cut-outs according to the dimensions you provide. This is a practical and inexpensive service that can save you time.

dressing room

The structure of the dressing room

First of all, it is necessary to create the frame of your future storage space. You can either decide to cover an entire wall, from floor to ceiling, or respect a precise height, which you will judge more adapted to your needs. Depending on the measures you have taken, you can then begin to create the structure of your wardrobe.

Interior design of a dressing room

To install shelves inside a walk in closet, first fasten cleats to the back wall and to the inner sides of the structure to form a “U”, using screws and dowels. You can then cut the boards with a saw. All you will have to do now is put the boards on the cleats and screw them on. Choose boards that are thick enough to support the installed loads.

Installing a closet

A wardrobe project usually includes a rod for hanging clothes. To install a closet, you will need to install two brackets on the inner sides of your dressing room on which you will install a hanging rod.

Other dressing room layouts

Depending on your needs, your budget but also your DIY skills, you can plan to install drawers or specific storage such as a shoe rack or a belt rack.

The closing system

Once the structure and the interior design of the dressing room have been completed, you will have to tackle the locking system. Depending on the available space, your budget but also your desires in terms of decoration, you can either turn to doors (sliding, swinging or folding) or curtains that will be fixed on a rod. Sliding doors, like curtains, require little space and are therefore very practical for small areas.

Decorate a dressing room

Last step of your project: personalize your closet. Paint, mirror, lighting, it’s up to you to decide what you want to install. Be imaginative, don’t hesitate to check out the internet decoration blogs. You will find lots of advice on this type of customization. But keep in mind that a dressing room must be above all practical. You can bring your fantasy but only as long as it serves practicality.