15 ideas for a small double bedroom

Having a small double bedroom can pose all kinds of layout problems. Location of the bed, storage space, colors of the room… All means are good to avoid feeling too cramped. Get inspired by these 15 small double bedrooms and find ideas optimize yours!

Avoiding the bustle and the feeling of exiguity is difficult when you have a small double bedroom. However, it can become a cozy and comfortable corner if you find the right tricks. A few clever layouts, neutral tones and a good dose of light can make even the smallest rooms bigger, no matter how big they are.

1.Design a well thought-out headboard

If there’s one thing to work on in the small double bedroom, it’s the headboard! Rather than leaving it bare, the ideal is to be able to optimize the space by creating a custom-made storage unit, if possible on the entire height under the ceiling. The niche thus created frames the position of the bed and at the same time enhances the decor of the room, painted in a soft and soothing shade.

small bedroom

2.Install a glass partition in your small bedroom double bedroom

In a studio or small apartment, it is often the case that the bedroom is partly installed in the living room. Its small surface should be delimited from the rest by a clever arrangement. The glass partition is the perfect choice to meet this challenge. Choosing an XXL model allows you to visually enlarge the space, allowing light to circulate throughout the apartment.

small double bedroom

3.Slide the bed into a corner of the room

A small, well arranged double bedroom passes through a sleeping area integrated as well as possible in the space.

small double bedroom

4.Arrange all the corners of the room

In a small double bedroom, it is essential to optimize the space.

small double bedroom

5.Installing a mirror to enlarge a small double bedroom

To enlarge a small room, the most obvious trick is to install a large mirror on a section of wall.

mirror in small double bedroom

6.The small double bedroom optimizes the storage space

The ideal solution to make up for the lack of space? Install storage units on the height and width of the walls of the room. With their immaculate tint, the shelves become airy and blend into the wall for the benefit of the objects on display. Well arranged, the storage unit can even serve as a headboard. For an aesthetic and optimized small bedroom! 

small bedroom

7.Dare a strong color for your small double bedroom

The small bedroom likes natural materials.

strong color in small double bedroom

8.Repaint his small double bedroom in white

Painting in white gives more depth to the bedroom. It is therefore the ideal color when you want to create a small space. White avoids feeling too oppressed.

a white small double bedroom

9.Use appropriate storage space

Having a small double bedroom requires optimizing the space to the maximum. Placing storage space under the bed is a solution frequently adopted by those who have a small room. Clothes or clothes, you can store everything without leaving anything lying around. 

storage space

10.Place the bed at the end of the room

The position of the bed is also very important. Putting it at the end of the room allows you to free up space to make your bedroom more than just a room with only one bed.

small double bedroom

11.Creating a sleeping area in a small apartment

Here is a small apartment, which, despite its small surface area, makes each room clearly visible.

small apartment

12.Put your mattress on the floor

Placing your mattress on the floor gives more height to the room and therefore gives the impression of having a larger bedroom.

mattress on the floor

13.Opt for a mezzanine in his small double bedroom

What better way to optimize the space of your bedroom than a mezzanine? Aesthetic and practical, mezzanines are always a dream come true. Place the bed on the ceiling, and the rest of the room is free to put whatever you want: desk, sofa, decoration space… With the mezzanine, everything becomes possible!

home office under stairs in small apartment

14.Make a stage for his room

Living in a small apartment may require having your bedroom in the living room. You can then create a small bedroom by raising it with the help of a platform.

small double bedroom

15.Placing your bed near a window

When you have a small double bedroom, it is important to have a view of the outside. You can then choose to place your bed near a window. By putting the most bulky thing near an opening to the outside, the space seems less cramped. 

 double beroom