17 kitchen backsplashes ideas to completely transform your decor

Whether it’s a kitchen renovation project, or simply a kitchen makeover, the kitchen backsplashes is an essential element to consider. As it is a decorative element that is quite central in a kitchen, your kitchen backsplash must be functional and trendy at the same time.

In this article you can find 17 kitchen backsplashes that may inspire you to relook your kitchen.

Before choosing a kitchen backsplash, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you going to keep the same backsplash for many years?
  • Are you the type of person who likes to change your decor regularly?
  • Are you on a tight kitchen renovation budget?
  • Do you plan to do the work yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, non-permanent backsplashes are probably the best option for you. If you answered no to most of the questions, there are several permanent kitchen backsplashes that may interest to you.

Non-permanent kitchen backsplashes (perfect for your apartment)

Here is the list of kitchen backsplashes for tenants since they can be easily removed. They will also appeal to the homeowner who wants to renovate a kitchen on a small budget.

1.Painted backsplash

If your backsplash does not have any covering (ceramic, tiles, etc.), painting it can be a great option to change your kitchen. Whatever paint color you choose, match it to the rest of your walls and decor. To make light cabinets stand out, choose a dark color and the opposite if your cabinets are dark. Remember to choose the right paint finish because of the possibility of water contact.

painted backsplash
credit A Cozy Kitchen

2.Kitchen backsplashes with wallpaper

There is wallpaper specially designed for kitchens. Thicker and more resistant, it is easy to apply. Take your measurements and go in search of the most beautiful wallpapers. The combinations are endless and the result very satisfying. There are even wallpaper finishes that imitate brick or wood to create an original effect.

kitchen backsplash with wallpaper
credit Wallpaper Direct

3.Metallic self-adhesive backsplash

For an industrial style, the metal backsplash is beautiful. It is heat resistant, easy to install and most importantly, easy to maintain. Available in many different models and finishes (brushed, matte, glossy) you are sure to find a design you like.

metallic self-adhesive backsplash
credit Brewster

4.Self-adhesive vinyl backsplash with brick finish

This self-adhesive vinyl mimics brick beautifully and won’t damage the tile or wall underneath. Be sure to choose a self-adhesive vinyl that is heat resistant, especially if you need to install it behind the oven or cooktop.

self-adhesive vinly backsplash with brick finish
credit The Smart Tiles

5.Kitchen backsplashes with self-adhesive tiles

For a successful ceramic effect, you won’t be disappointed! In addition, the tiles can be easily removed if needed. Also, be sure to choose heat-resistant tiles if you need to install them near the oven.

kitchen backsplash with self-adhesive tiles
credit Etsy

Permanent kitchen backsplashes

These backsplashes must be permanently attached to the wall with glue, nails or grout.  They require several tools and some time to install.

6.Kitchen backsplashes in wood

Whether it’s with recycled materials, or not, a wooden kitchen backsplash is and always will be one of a kind. To minimize costs, add wood to only one area you want to highlight. Otherwise, go with a design that will complement your current or future decor if you need to renovate your kitchen.

kitchen backsplash in wood
credit Obsessed4interiors

7.White ceramic kitchen backsplashes

The white ceramic backsplash is without a doubt the most classic. The white minimalist kitchen confirms it, the subway tile is everywhere. There are many different models and patterns for a ceramic backsplash. For a change from the traditional white ceramic, dare to use chevrons or octagons. It is even possible to vary the color of your ceramic grout to create contrast or not.

white ceramic
credit Backsplash.com

8.Black ceramic kitchen backsplashes

What better way to make your white cabinets stand out than with a contrasting color like black? Black kitchens are very popular and give a lot of originality to a kitchen. Very easy to maintain, it gives an original and chic look to your kitchen and allows you to avoid many wear and tear spots. In fact, there are many ways to dare to use black paint in your home, so let your imagination run wild!

black ceramic
credit MyDomaine

9.Colored kitchen backsplash

Whether it’s pink, yellow or green, a colorful backsplash is sure to add color to your kitchen. For an even more contemporary touch, choose zellige-style ceramics

colored kitchen backsplash
credit Fireclay Tile

10.Terracotta backsplash

Terracotta is still in the kitchen this year. Whether on the walls, cabinets or backsplash, it easily blends with current trends inspired by the boho or vintage look.

terracotta backsplash
credit Madly Wish

11.Zellige style backsplash

Wondering what zellige style tile is? It’s a North African inspired tile that is all the rage in kitchens and bathrooms. On the wall or even on the floor, the small tiles (tesserae) are made of clay. Each tile has a different shade, in the same color palette for a unique effect for each surface it covers. Let yourself be charmed!

zellige style
credit A Second Coat

12.Wainscoting backsplash

Easy to install, wainscoting provides a nice country look. You can have slats or panels cut to the desired size when you buy it. Be careful, if the paneling is installed near a water source, it may have a tendency to warp. Panelling is not only available in white, dare to use other colors like black!

wainscoting backsplash
credit Houzz

13.Marble backsplash

It is probably the most expensive of the kitchen backsplashes, but also one of the most durable. Although there are many ceramic imitations, choosing marble as a kitchen backsplash requires a certain budget, but its durability and timelessness are worth the investment. It is very versatile and can be used in contemporary, country or modern kitchens. If you are completely renovating your kitchen, take the opportunity to design your countertop!

marble backsplash
credit House & Home

14.Terrazzo backsplash

The terrazzo trend is everywhere, from the floor to the walls to the kitchen backsplash. For those looking for a current look, this kitchen backsplash is yours. Light or dark, it easily complements any kitchen and kitchen cabinet color.

terrazzo backsplash

15.Concrete backsplash

For a modern or industrial look, choose the concrete backsplash. Not only is it easy to maintain, it’s durable and will become the centerpiece of your room. Dark, light or with a slight pattern, concrete is far from being a cold material. Combined with wood, it brings out all the contrasts in your kitchen. It is often matched with countertops, but it can also be used as a backsplash with a more neutral wood countertop.

concrete backsplash
credit Joanna Gaines

16.Backsplash with colored grout

Have you noticed this trend? We are seeing more and more of this square ceramic with a colored grout. Whether the ceramic is white or colored, add a unique touch to your kitchen project.

backsplash with colored grout
credit Architectural Digest

17.Kitchen backsplash with wood slat accents

Wooden slats (inspired by the japandi trend) set the tone for kitchens that want to embrace this trend. With its zen look, there is no need to add ceramic to your kitchen backsplash.

kitchen backsplash with wood slat accents
credit The Design Log