3 tips for roof interior design secrets you never knew

Need air in your home? Too cramped in your apartment? Don’t panic, leave aside the moving option and prefer an efficient solution to save precious square meters: achieve a roof interior design. Once transformed into additional living room(s), this space, often neglected, will undoubtedly make you happy!

Cozy parental suite, pro office area, playroom for kids… We can do it all under the roof! Between exposed beams and high ceilings, the well-structured attic is just waiting to be exploited. Feel like getting started? Here are a few tips and a good dose of decorative inspirations that may well fill you up!

cozy suit parental

Transforming roofs, yes, but how?

Before you even begin the work, make sure your attic is habitable. How can you do this? By checking certain rules, such as the right-of-way or the maximum height of the building.

After checking the condition of the roof and the frame, without forgetting the insulation of the attic to live comfortably, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild!

home office in the roof

Which rooms to fit out under the roof?

When the bulk of the renovation is behind you, it’s time to ask questions: how can you make the most of these new square meters? What function(s) should be assigned to them? If the space is attic space, are there tips and tricks to adopt so as not to feel too cramped?

First advice from the editors: decompartmentalize as much as possible to let the eye circulate and visually enlarge the space. When this is not possible, opt for walls that are lighter than a wall: a glass roof or a claustra will do the trick.

living room separated to the kitchen in roof interior design

Another tip for roof interior design: highlight the frame. To do this, you have two options: paint the exposed beams, or leave them raw. It is up to you to decide. 

a big bedroom and living room in roof interior design

On the color chart, we bet on white, to amplify the luminosity. From the walls to the bleached parquet flooring and the elements that make up the decoration, immaculate is the order of the day. 

dining area and living area in roof interior design

A final piece of advice for a roof interior design, add a few touches of wood here and there, as a wink to the frame. So, are you satisfied? 

touch of wood