4 decorating tips for a home office interior design

When you work from home, organizing your workspace is not always easy. XXL apartments, small spaces or open areas, discover our tips for – at last – having a home office that is as pleasant as it is practical.

Choose a space in which you feel comfortable

First step for a home office interior design, find the place where you feel good, soothed. To work in a serene environment, choose a bright space (near a window, for example), isolated from noise and clear (clutter impairs concentration and increases stress).


Visually delineate a space in home office

For those who do not have a room to use as an office, they will have to find the ideal corner: a corner bedroom, a landing or, why not, an office space under the stairs. It will then be important to easily identify your office in order to feel in a personalized space. Start by visually marking the space with a colorful paint or trendy wallpaper. Small spaces are not to be outdone, as there are fold-down desks to save square meters: wall-mounted shelf, wall-mounted desk with flap, fold-away desk or original models such as ladder desks.

home office

Create storage spaces in home office

Murals, placed on the furniture or in the form of a bookcase, storage is essential in a home office design or any workspace. Gain height by investing the walls with beautiful shelves, colorful lockers and even magnetic paint to save space by having everything at hand. Speaking of supplies, you can also store them in pattern boxes, glass jars or a basket.

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Think of a nice decoration

If we often think about the practical side of the home office, we sometimes forget about the aesthetic side, an important factor in feeling good in our workspace. That’s why it’s simple: invest in a designer lamp that gives character to your desk, a plant for the “green” touch and a chair that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. Touch after touch build your work cocoon at home. And for good vibes, nothing better than a wall-mounted message decoration.

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