4 decoration ideas for a big bedroom

You have just moved into a new home and are lucky enough to have a big bedroom to fit out? According to the building and housing code. The average size of an adult bedroom in a new construction is 12 m2. Beyond this average value, you are therefore privileged! You will find in this article some ideas to arrange and decorate your big bedroom to make it an intimate and relaxing place!

Create a parental suite

If you are lucky enough to have a surface area of more than 12 m2. The good idea is to transform your big bedroom into a parental bedroom with the addition of a dressing room. Dimension the wardrobe part by taking into account your needs for storage of clothes. Shoes and other accessories, alternating closets, drawers and storage shelves and using the full height of the ceiling.

If you have space in the dressing room. Plan to install a large full-length mirror with specific and adapted lighting: there is nothing worse than lighting that is too dim, which will not allow you to check every morning if your appearance is in line with your expectations!

Take into account the dimensions of your room in order to keep a pleasant and sufficient space for your double bed. Surrounded by two bedside tables and decorated with a chest at the end of the bed for example.

dressing room in big bedroom

Install an office corner

If your computer hasn’t found its place in the rest of your accommodation. You can also plan to reserve a space for it in your big bedroom. But beware! The room should be a place of relaxation and well-being and the bills to be paid and all the papers waiting to be sorted do not necessarily go well with the desire for a healthy and zen space!…

If you have no other solution than to install your desk in your room. In this case, plan a well delimited and semi-closed home office space, for example with a library that hides the desk and its personal lighting.

home office space

Assign different colors to each sub-space

Having sub-spaces in your bedroom has the advantage of giving a precise function to each one and therefore to be able to assign a particular atmosphere to them, thanks to the color you will assign to each zone.

For the colors of the “bedroom” space, which encourages rest and calm. Prefer cool colors (shades of blue, green, brown or gray). For the dressing room or office area, you can opt for more neutral colors. But stay in lighter shades, or even use white or beige and use color in decorative elements such as frames, lamps and chandeliers or curtains.

green big bedroom

Choose XXL furniture and accessories

The advantage of large spaces is that you won’t be limited by the dimensions of the furniture or accessories: you can consider laying a large colored or printed carpet that will highlight white walls or opt for the “king size” or canopy bed of your child’s imagination. Decorative objects such as a large industrial lamp to put on or a clothes valet can also bring a modern touch to your night space.

bed in big bedroom