4 tips for a successful dark interior design

Black is your favorite color, you put it everywhere: on your clothes, shoes, eyes … But then, on the decoration side, you remain a little cautious at the idea of filling your home with the darker shade. After all, black in decoration is quite connoted. Be far from the idea of transforming your apartment into a gothic lair of Dracula or to visually reduce its space. However, there are solutions to have a dark interior design while keeping elegance, brightness and modernity. Follow the guide!

Betting on imposing pieces

If you really want to use black as your main decoration color, don’t settle for small, discreet touches. Furniture, comforter covers, lamps… Choose pieces that take up space. In terms of shapes, it’s better to choose modern furniture with clean cuts rather than baroque which would be immediately gothic.

living room with dark interior design

Glamorous black

To give light and make black less gloomy, it is best to combine it with gold metal. Immediately, it becomes glamorous, catches the sun’s rays and comes out of its strict aspect. Black and gold is the most daring and chic decorative combination for dark interior design!

home office with black and gold decor

Dare the black wall for a perfect dark interior design

A section of wall or a room entirely painted in black is a risky decision, but it can be really hot. Choose a matte black, slate if you don’t dare the 100% black. Opt then for monochrome furniture tone on tone with your walls and some much lighter elements to bring points of light that catch the eye.

black wall for a perfect dark interior design

Play with graphic prints

Black can be as baroque as it is graphic. To keep it modern, we opt for geometric prints, original pieces that mix black and white but why not other colors as well. The trick is to find a general harmony.

graphic prints

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