6 tricks to enlarge the bathroom

Do you feel too cramped when you get out of your shower/bath every morning? Discover all our tips to visually enlarge your bathroom. Light colors or tone on tone, light and mirror, optimized storage and ergonomic furniture… We tell you how to give a feeling of space in your room. Decorating tips that will change your life!

1.Clear colors to enlarge the bathroom

It’s no secret that light colors give the impression of a larger space. White remains a safe bet for walls and ceiling, but you can also choose a light and sober shade such as off-white or light grey. In order to give character to the room, contrast with a floor covering in a more intense color such as black, anthracite grey or deep blue.

clear colors in small bathroom

2.Tone on tone

If light colors are to be preferred in small spaces, there is also a trick to adopt color! This time, the idea is to impose your style with a color that is a real eye-catcher (like black) and this, in tone on tone. In other words, you have to choose a hue and then translate it into a monochrome of colors, through materials and textures. To master the total look to perfection, prefer a neutral color and avoid pep tones!

small bathroom

3.Opt for a large mirror

It is well known, the mirror (just like light colors) is one of the essential decoration tricks to give depth to a room. And since it is a must in the bathroom, you might as well take advantage of it! Choose a model with XXL dimensions that will reign supreme in your bathroom and visually enlarge the space!

large mirror

4.Play on height to enlarge the bathroom

If you lack floor space, the best thing to do is to play with the height of your room. In practice, this can be done by installing shelves and hanging baskets or by using suspended furniture. This type of furniture is ideal for freeing up space and helps give the bathroom a clean and organized look. Even the toilets gain height in a suspended version for a clean design just the way we like it!

enlarge your bathroom

5.Unclutter the space

If your space doesn’t allow for much storage, you have no other solution than to sort your things. Keep the essentials and optimize space by storing larger items elsewhere. Bath linen, for example, can find a place in a storage box in the bedroom! In general, choose shallow furniture to allow for optimal circulation in the room.

small bathroom

6.Focus on lighting

The light helps to give the feeling of space indoors. A bathroom with a window is therefore ideal for small spaces. If you are not fortunate enough to benefit from natural light in your bathroom, you will have to double the effort on the artificial lighting of the room. In addition to general lighting, don’t neglect the mirror area and don’t forget the bath and/or shower area. The best of the best? Add wall lights or accent lamps on either side of the mirror to avoid shadowy areas!

light in small bath