7 rules to adopt the industrial style perfectly

Do you dream of transforming your home into a New York loft? Fitting out, materials and decoration, here are 7 rules to follow to adopt the industrial style.

The industrial style, inspired by disused factories, reminds us of the New York lofts we regularly see in movies. It is a type of decoration that offers a relaxed spirit to all interiors and fits very well with different styles of decoration, such as rustic or bohemian. The industrial decoration is easily remarkable, especially thanks to the presence of steel, wood and vintage furniture. To adopt it, certain rules must be respected.

1.We decompartmentalise space

The industrial style is inspired by the New York loft style installed in the former Brooklyn factories. We like large volumes without doors or partitions. Sometimes you just have to open the kitchen to the living room to get this feeling of space. This decompartmentalization will also promote the circulation of light. Finally, if you still want to create a few partitions, opt for the essential glass roof, the very symbol of the industrial style.

we decompartmentalise space for the industrial style

2.Let your house breathe

Originally, the lofts wanted to preserve as much as possible the “factory” spirit of the place. They have thus kept fundamental elements such as the brick walls, the waxed concrete or rough parquet floor, the metal reinforcements or the wooden beams. If your home has some of these treasures, don’t hesitate to show them off to their best advantage. Otherwise, you can use some subterfuges, such as brick effect wallpaper.

let your house brreathe

3.Robust materials are preferred

You will understand it, the industrial style is not made of lace. Inspired by old factories, it adopts robust materials that can stand the test of time. You can find raw wood, zinc or steel. For the kitchen, we choose a large family table inspired by old workbenches. For storage, we opt for wooden crates and metal cabinets found in the locker rooms.

robust materizls are preferred

4.We opt for functional furniture

Like the iconic metal cabinet, industrial furniture is above all functional. We choose large, solid and unadorned furniture. In the living room, for example, a large leather sofa, comfortable and timeless and a coffee table in wood, practical and vintage. We refine the whole thing with retractable stools and a lamp with an adjustable foot, and that’s all there is to it!

we opt for functional furniture for industrial style

5.We take care of our light

Another must-have in industrial style: metal suspensions. They can be found in the living room as well as above the work surface in the kitchen. They tend to be used in twos or threes to accentuate the “factory effect”. On the color side, we choose black or gray metal.

we take care of our light

6.We harmonize the colors

It cannot be said that the industrial style is a very big fan of colors. One generally finds black, brown, metallic grey and a few red (on bricks) or copper touches (on pipes). But we see more and more colorful accessories appearing to brighten up the whole, such as a chair, a yellow lamp for example. This does not break the harmony and illuminates the room.

we harmonize the colors for industrial style

7.We renovates

For furniture or accessories, the industrial style is fond of old things and vintage finds! So we don’t hesitate to go to flea markets to find old armchairs, a set of mismatched chairs or old pictures and posters to hang on the wall.

we renovates for the industrial style