Arranging the space under the stairs: 9 clever storage ideas

You own a staircase and would like to optimize the unused space under the stairs? A fitted cupboard, closet, shoe storage, you may already know what you would store in it! All that remains is to get the idea off the ground and move from the virtual to the real thing. For the moment the shoes are certainly stored under the stairs but in full view of everyone. Less and less space in homes, but always more personal belongings to store: it’s time to take advantage of the space under the stairs!

What ideas and solutions for storage under a staircase? The price of storage under a staircase? What are the tricks to arrange storage under the stairs? Who can create under-stair storage? What can be created as under-stair storage? Discover our selection of 9 clever and space-saving storage units!

Staircase design, the different possibilities:

To store properly, without objects being visible to everyone, you need doors, cupboards, and boxes. Made to measure or standard, prices vary according to materials and options (furniture on wheels, integrated light…).

Possible arrangements under stairsCharacteristics
OfficeSufficient height Sockets to be foreseen Lighting Possibility to store the seat
ShelfUse of full depth of walking possible Objects remain visible
DrawersThe most worked with the closet Remember to multiply the sizes
ClosetsDivide the cupboards into two parts: a closet area, a drawer area for small objects

Storage under the stairs: 9 ideas to save space

Running out of space? Find out where there is some and optimize these centimeters and square meters available to store your stuff. The staircase allows you to hide your shoes, broom, bucket or mop. A curtain may hide everything, but it is neither suitable nor convenient? Perhaps you have managed to fit shelves to save a little space, but it is difficult to do as well as a piece of furniture dedicated to the space of your staircase!

1.A closet under the stairs to store clothes and shoes

If you’re tired of seeing stuff lying around, there’s only one thing left to do: create real storage under the stairs. For a small closet, a simple rod and low storage will be enough to get rid of the clutter in the entrance. Not only will it be more pleasing to the eye, but your home will gain added value!

a closet under the stairs to store clothes and shoes

2.An office space under the stairs

You want to create an office under the stairs? For a suitable workspace, don’t forget to provide electrical outlets but also sufficient lighting. You can choose to hide your desk behind sliding doors.

an office area under the stairs

3.A practical and optimized dressing room

Clothes are always lying around or get caught on the handrail of the stairs? A closet is ideal for storing clothes, especially if your staircase is in the entrance. A closet on casters or a closet door, it’s your choice!

a practical and optimized dressing room

4.A storage space under the stairs for logs

You have a lean-to in the garden to store the logs for your wood stove, but it’s still more practical to have a handful of logs on hand to start a fire! To avoid cluttering up the living room, you can take advantage of the space under the stairs to artistically arrange your logs. They will create a warm and welcoming entrance!

a storage space for logs

5.A library to have your favorite books at your fingertips

Do you own so many books that you don’t know where to store them? Your bedside table disappears under the latest bestsellers, your living room is overflowing with magazines and beautiful books, you even have magazines in the toilet! And yet, you don’t want to part with them or sort them out for anything in the world, you love them all! In this case, you still have the solution of storage boxes to be placed under the stairs!

a library to have your favorite books at your fingertips

6.Extra shelves are always welcome in space under the stairs

We always need extra storage space in a house! Whatever the shape and size of your staircase, there is always a little lost space, so you might as well get extra cubic meters to finally be able to put away what is lying around in the corners.

extra shelves are always welcome

7.A low cabinet under the stairs to store shoes

For a well-ordered entrance, take advantage of the space under the stairs to install low storage space for your shoes. With a few cushions on top, this will also serve as a bench.

a low cabinet under the stairs to store shoes

8.Shelves that are out of the ordinary in space under the stairs

Another possibility for discreet but nevertheless numerous arrangements, consists in placing boxes at the level of the risers of your staircase.

shelves that are out the ordinary

9.Storage that you don’t know what to do with

You want to multiply your storage space? A staircase with dozens of drawers of all sizes makes you dream? In this case, compartmentalize but don’t hesitate to keep 1 or 2 deep drawers, it can always be useful.

storage that you don't know what to do with