Tropical interior design: how to bring exoticism to your home

Tropical interior design: how to bring exoticism to your home

The relooking of a house always depends on the desires of its owners. Recently, tropical interior design, which gives pride of place to colors and greenery, is making its entrance in our interiors. A good dose of warmth and good humor that will bring joie de vivre and positive vibes to living spaces!


How to adopt a tropical design?


Natural materials, original patterns, colorful environment: the tropical interior design attracts by its exotic and pleasant atmosphere as well as its elegant style.

Shimmering prints highlight exotic patterns such as palm trees, parrots or banana trees. They can be found on curtains, cushions and wallpaper. Decorative objects are also no exception to this rule, such as bamboo soap dishes in the shower, pineapple-shaped jars or lamps whose shape is reminiscent of palm trees. The same applies to furniture and floor coverings. Raw wood and wicker, but also bricks or tiles are preferred for their practicality.

a wallpaper with exotic patterns in a tropical interior design


The introduction of plants such as ferns or cacti is also a plus for this kind of decor. The blue and green colors are the most used in a tropical decoration since they represent respectively the sea and nature. However, in order to create contrasts, neither the different bright shades nor the darker shades should be discarded.



We will nevertheless take care to avoid the too much by putting in place its tropical decoration. A good mix of colors with tropical patterns associated with different styles will give balance to the interior design of a house.

mix some colors to succeed a tropical interior design


The indispensable for a tropical decoration:


The greenery

A tropical decoration worthy of the name would be nothing without a little touch of greenery here and there. Palm leaves in abundance, succulent plants, cacti and pineapples in all their forms and colors, ideas are numerous. So, for a successful decoration, you can choose wallpapers with tropical leaves, meticulously placed succulents and hanging plant pots, which will be of the most beautiful effect. Be aware that each plant must be well placed so that it can blossom properly.



Warm shades

In order to accentuate the exotic side of a tropical decoration, warm colors are to be favored. To do this, you should use the different colors found in the tropics. Yellow, red, orange or fuchsia as well as the azure blue of the sea will accompany well the green of the vegetation. It is possible to bring yourself these different colors on the wall panels by choosing decorative accessories such as carpets or curtains with these different colors.

warm colors are favorable in tropical decoration


Natural materials

When it comes to natural materials indispensable in a tropical decoration. Exotic wood is the major asset. From the floor to the furniture, in the living room or outside, on the terrace or in the garden, this type of wood can be installed anywhere. The various decorative objects or crockery also exist in different materials such as fibers or bamboo and will wonderfully underline the exotic atmosphere. As for the furniture, the colonial style allows to enhance the atmosphere, thanks to rattan or wicker.

natural materials


Exoticism in different rooms of the house:


The living room

For this part of the house, all the warm colors of wood and leather such as fawn, ebony or brown can be added to the different exotic shades. In order to update and boost this style, notes of white or orange on accessories and walls will go very well.

a living room with tropical interior design


Materials such as upholstered or tanned leather, wax, various animal skins, especially zebra, exotic woods such as wenge or merbau are recommended. Chairs and coffee tables, different wicker elements or green plants will be part of the decor. It is necessary to dose well the nuances at the time of a tropical relooking because this type of decoration can sometimes prove to be a little too charged.

a living room with tropical interior design


The dining room

A tropical dining room should be rich in color. However, just like the living room, too much color can quickly become overpowering. The idea is to know how to dose colors and mix styles.

a dining room with tropical interior design


To avoid abusing the blue and green colors which are the main colors of a tropical decoration, yellow is an ideal alternative. This hue will transform any dining area into a sunny and refreshing place. Tropical decor can also be mixed with other styles. The important thing is to know how to harmonize colors and designs.

a dining room with tropical interior design


The bathroom

The teak furniture is ideal for a tropical-style bathroom. Embellished with bright colors such as green or yellow, this room will be energized. Baskets designed in raffia and various green plants will complete the frame.

a bathroom with tropical interior design


The color green is not usually recommended for a bathroom because it makes you look bad. However, used by touch and combined with a powdered pink background, for example, and golden taps, it will give cachet to this place. A few touches of coral will also be welcome.

a bathroom with tropical interior design


The bedroom

It is possible, in a bedroom, to have sober furniture with a tropical look. To give a green effect, wallpaper with foliage patterns on the wall behind the bed will be ideal. A plain color bed linen will be suitable for this decoration as well as chlorophyll green for the curtains, a measured and balanced combination.

a bedroom with tropical interior design


Some decorative objects such as a wooden parrot or some palm tree pots will be welcome. However, it is important to study the plants that can be placed in a bedroom as some are toxic at night.

a bedroom with tropical interior design