Bathroom design: 15 trendy 2023 colors to adopt

Want to give your bathroom a second wind? Zoom on these 2023 trend colors to adopt in your bathroom design!

Lately, we’ve been at home a lot, except that: we like our decor more. Need a change in the bathroom to revive it? To be right, just choose the right colors and materials. We’ll help you see more clearly among the trendy colors of the year 2023.


White, black and marble remain solid values that have already made their mark in 2022. And they will be all the more popular in the bathroom in 2023. Like gray, which comes in all shades, from light to dark, through different materials: rough concrete, tiles, stained wood, Terrazzo. This last material, made of stone fragments, makes its entrance into the bathroom with a pretty combination of dark brown. A color that we urgently adopt: it ideally warms the atmosphere.

2023 bathrooms: COLORS TO REPLACE!

If the dark blue has made a noticeable appearance in our bathrooms, the pink is taking it off. The total pastel pink look is running out of steam, as is the gold pink. However, for fans of this color, replace it with a deeper pinkish red. The same goes for lacquered and glossy materials that are gradually becoming “has-been”. In 2023, matte will be preferred, bringing elegant, lighter finishes. This year, the bathroom will be harmonious and soft, so we avoid too bright colors and the multiplication of patterns.

Bathroom design: NEW STYLES IN 2023!

If on the color side, the trends are confirmed without any real big surprises, on the style side it’s something else. The island bathtubs, in the center of the room, are reappearing. Retro and vintage, classic or design, they undeniably bring a unique cachet to the room. In the bathroom, the 2023 trend also tends towards gold or black faucets. It is therefore integrated into the decoration, leaving grey steel behind. Cement tiles have also been confirmed: ideal for delimiting spaces.

1.Black and white

Black and white is once again becoming the trend for 2023. And we love it!

bathroom design

2.The marble in bathroom design

This material is also a must in our bathrooms. With its mix of white and light gray, it is easy to integrate it into all our atmospheres, especially Zen.

bathroom design

3.A return to the roots

In 2023, on the bathroom side, it is a true return to the sources, to harmony and lightness. One avoids overloading the room with too much information with bright colors and patterns.

bathroom design

4.Duck Blue

Very trendy color at the moment, the duck blue also makes its entrance in the bathroom. And we can only validate this very deep color that we come to illuminate with white!

duck blue in bath

5.Wood in bathroom design

Another bathroom material that is out of control: wood! With its infinite shades of color, it will perfectly suit all your moods and is just as easy to restyle.

wood in bathroom design

6.Waxed concrete

We put this raw material from the floor to the ceiling through the walls. Very pleasant for our feet, waxed concrete is also a very nice material for a 100% natural decoration.

grey bath

7.The terrazzo

A material made of stone fragments, terrazzo has its place among the 2023 trends in the bathroom. Sober, it can be associated with brown or deep green.

modern bath

8.The brown color

It can be added by touch through the decoration or directly on the walls and furniture, brown gives depth to the bathroom. In a well-lit room, this color will be perfect since it will not darken it and will keep this soothing effect.

bathroom design

9.Gold in bathroom design

This is a color that we will integrate into our bathroom by touch, through the decoration. Faucet, wall light, shower head, planter… it will give a very design atmosphere to the room.

bathroom design

10.Midnight Blue

Yes, after the duck blue, the midnight blue comes to settle in the bathroom. In 2023, midnight blue is an ultra-trendy color. Always with the idea of harmony and a return to nature, this midnight blue is magnificent.

blue bath


Green is available in all its shades. From pastel to very dark, it suits all bathrooms and remains in position for the trends of 2023.

bathroom design


Once again, gray comes in all its shades, even if one has a slight preference for light. It is easily integrated with different materials: waxed concrete, terrazzo, tiles, faux pebbles… This is a 100% Zen atmosphere!

grey bath

13.Yellow in bathroom design

A color selected by Pantone for the year 2023, yellow is also suitable for the bathroom. It comes to illuminate it!

yellow bath


Terracotta is the color that made its place this year. Not surprisingly, it is in line with the 2023 trends. In the bathroom, it warms the room without darkening it.

bathroom design

15.Pink in bathroom design

If pink disappears from the 2023 trend colors, we still have a little weakness for this sober and elegant shade in our bathroom.

bathroom design