8 tips for men’s interior design

8 tips for men’s interior design

The interior design, here is a very important point and which is by no means reserved to the female gender. We have selected eight easy-to-use tips for men’s interior design that will make your friends jealous and seduce your future conquests!

Gentlemen, give style to your interior.


Keep it simple


When choosing furniture for men’s interior design, choose furniture with a clean, simple style. Why should you choose this style? It is certainly basic in appearance but it is timeless and it is possible to give cachet by choosing a nice color on the walls and opting for colorful accessories that can change according to your desires. It’s cheaper than changing tables!


Play with contrasts


Combining red and green is a taste mistake. Conversely, an interior that is predominantly blue will be even nicer with a few subtle touches of orange because it is the complementary color of blue.

Play with contrasts to achieve a wonderful men's interior design


The carpet, a must for men’s interior design


For the living room or bedroom, choose a carpet. More or less soft, it exists in many different shapes and colors. In addition to being aesthetic, it is very pleasant.

The carpet, a must for men’s interior design


No more than three colors


On this point, decoration is like clothing: each piece should not have more than three colors, otherwise the eye gets lost in it and it is not very harmonious. And there, your friends won’t criticize out of jealousy!


Do not neglect the luminaire


Choose lights and fixtures to your taste to dim the room as needed. Opt for LED bulbs, it is more environmentally friendly and it consumes less. But above all, don’t leave the bulb and socket hanging with nothing around: it’s AFFORDABLE!

Do not neglect the luminaire in men's interior design


Show your pride


Do you like cars? Video games? Why not make your coffee table from a car rim and a glass plate. And why not put a sticker of a video game controller on the wall in lighter tones than the color of this same wall? If it is well done, the result will be anything but pretty.

Show your pride for men's interior design


Find the good deals


End of series, promos, business on the net, be on the lookout for good deals. There is no shortage of good decoration sites. A site like Livingo gathers even the trendiest products from the main online stores.

Find the good deals for men's interior design


A raw material is class


What if in your interior, you left a few touches of wood, concrete or aluminum? Raw materials are trendy. And what’s more, it gives off a very masculine image.

A raw material is class in men's interior design