How to design a black and white room

How to design a black and white room

How to handle black and white? How to add touches of black and give character while keeping softness to rooms with a revisited Scandinavian style? A pictorial tour of the most trendy solutions to design a black and white room.


An accumulation of black and white frames above the bed for bedroom decoration


To reduce the height of this white room and dress the headboard. We superimpose on the wall an accumulation of frames and photo prints in order to make the bed corner come alive. We also like the decorative idea: the molding on the wall which has been painted in dark grey and which serves as a shoe rack.

black and white frames


A wall painted in black behind the bed to give style to the room


To create a contrast and give chic to a white room, we lean the bed against a wall painted in matte black. And to avoid it being dark, we prefer immaculate bedding. The extra idea that does it all: a mirror has been fixed above the bed to reflect the light and bring clarity.

wall painted in black


A black and white striped graphic carpet next to the bed to wake up the room


To restyle a white room and give it relief, we use graphic tricks. Here, a black and white striped carpet draws the eye on the floor near the bed and warms up the room. Ideal to bring life back to the room, the hanging closet enlivens the white space with textile touches.

a black and white carpet


A successful room makeover with a black suspension above the bed


In order to make this corner bed more lively and warm, a beautiful black light fixture is suspended above. And to better occupy the space, we fix the suspension low enough so that it is cut out on the white wall. As an answer to the graphic frame already hung on the wall.

use a black suspension to acheive a black and white interior


A room with a black painted floor


To bring a light twist to this very white room, we line the white wall with a few black dots. A soft graphic principle that keeps the dominant white while waking it up.

black floor in black and white room


A suspended and graphic closet in the room


Ideal to make a room come alive, the hanging closet option has the advantage of furnishing part of the bedroom space. In black metal, with a base of clothes in black tones, the closet is drawn on the white wall and brings a graphic volume. The only constraint, to have beautiful clothes to highlight because here everything is visible.

suspended closet in black and white room


Graphic bed linen in black and white


Nothing is better to give style to the room than to dress the bed with a decorative and fantasy ornament. Here, it is a black and white ornament with printed festoons that decorates the bed with its graphic patterns. Bed linen Ferm Living.

bed linen in living room


A giant white frame on a black wall background


Between contrast and balance, black and white structure the volume of this room. Painted in deep black, the wall is covered in the center by a huge white frame. A choice that attracts the eye above the bed and recalling the brick wall painted in white, brings light and clarity to the room.

a white frame in living room


A headboard under the attic in black paint


To enlarge an attic room and give volume to the sleeping area, we delimit it by painting only the low wall in black. This option acts as a headboard, optimizes space and plays visually with the volumes.

A headboard under the attic in black paint


A white tree branch on a black wall


In this room, we opt for the chic of a very dense black wall, matched with such a black light fixture. Only a few white elements punctuate and illuminate the whole: a white bedding, some white canvases with a black pattern and a graphic carpet. But the decorative idea that does it all is the giant branch painted in white that gives height and poetry to the room.

white tree branch


Black graphic stickers on a white wall


In this white universe, only a few discreet touches of black punctuate the purity of the room. In order to decorate the white wall above the bed without repainting it and at little cost, we opt for world map stickers.

Black graphic stickers in black and white room