Fireplace decoration: How to decorate a fireplace top?

You want a beautiful fireplace decoration?

We present you some tips for a successful fireplace decoration. Indeed, depending on the style of fireplace and its color, it can be difficult to find inspiration to decorate a fireplace.

That is why we will help you find the inspiration and the style of decoration that best suits you to make your fireplace a real element of decoration that will definitely enhance your interior.

TIP 1: Plants to bring freshness to your fireplace

An ethnic fireplace decoration!

Fireplaces, often plain, can look quite dull and unoriginal. That’s why dressing your fireplace with plants can be an idea to bring freshness and originality to your fireplace.

Depending on the style of decoration you choose for your interior, you can adapt the type of plants and the number of plants.

For example, opt for an ethnic style decoration, by placing a nice wall decoration on the top of the fireplace.

To add more tropical, you can add plants near your fireplace, it will totally dress your room. The mixture of plants of the ethnic decoration brings a real jungle side to your interior.

An ethnic fireplace decoration!

TIP 2: Decorate your fireplace with frames

A country house atmosphere

Frames are a great way to dress up your mantel. Big or small, personalized or not, simple or original, you will find a lot of different styles of frames that will match for sure your decoration.

For a cocooning and trendy decoration you can arrange various frames on the same wall by varying the sizes. This arrangement will create a very warm and modern atmosphere.

You can also choose frames with a more worked style to bring a more contemporary or modern effect in your interior.

A country house atmosphere

TIP 3: Decorate the wall of your fireplace

A wall with relief

To decorate your mantelpiece, you can add wooden strips in relief that will create an original wall and dress up a simple and plain mantelpiece.

If you have a dark fireplace, choose a colored paint or light tones to highlight your fireplace decoration. For a lighter fireplace, choose dark colored frames that will bring out the contrasts.

Indeed, the wall of your fireplace also allows you to decorate your fireplace. So make sure you choose a wall decoration that will highlight your decoration.

For example, if you choose a bright color, be sure to favor decorative objects of solid colors.

A wall with relief in fireplace decoration
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TIP 4: Decorate your fireplace with small decorative items

Statuettes and objects

Small decorative objects are an effective way to decorate your fireplace.

Indeed, you can find many objects of decoration which will agree with your interior and which will correspond to your desires.

To bring character to your fireplace, arrange statuettes and animal shapes of different forms according to your decoration.

Choose animal statuettes for a jungle or art deco decoration. For a Nordic decoration, opt for minimalist statuettes.

But don’t forget! Stay minimalist, don’t overload your fireplace decoration for an always modern and trendy effect.

nordic style
The natural wood floor co

An elegant and modern atmosphere

For a change from the warm atmosphere of light colors.

Opt for a wall with a marble covering, highlighting your fireplace and bringing out its charm. The same goes for the more industrial style, which is to place raw materials and a key decorative element, which does not overpower the fireplace.

The industrial style clock allows to give cachet to the room by focusing the eye on this decorative element. In addition, a fireplace that may seem out of fashion can be given a modern look with a nice covering that matches your decorating style.

An elegant and modern atmosphere
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TIP 5: Elegant and sophisticated decoration

A refined style: art deco fireplace decoration

Opt for a modern and vintage decoration at the same time!

A simple, uncluttered and charming decoration. An art deco style for your relaxation area.

Add a pretty frame with geometric patterns or a golden mirror to recall the elegance and richness of the art-deco style.

By adding simple and refined decorative elements you can create a universe that reflects your personality.

art deco fireplace decoration
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Choose your decoration according to the style you want.