How to choose your bathroom tiles?

Tile is a perfect covering for the bathroom. Its composition makes it a material capable of keeping its shine for a long time, even in a humid room. In addition, today’s tiles come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and looks, giving you every choice to enhance the ambiance of your bathroom.

Focus on bathroom tiles

Why tiles?

Tile is ideal for the bathroom because it is highly resistant to moisture. It also has a long life span, even when used intensively, as is the case in family bathrooms

Easy to clean, tiles offer a level of hygiene unmatched by other materials.

Finally, it is capable of imitating other materials to perfection thanks to the many variations that are available today.

The color of the tiles in the bathroom

The choice of tile color determines the feeling of space in a room.

For a small area, we prefer a white bathroom tile, or even a beige bathroom tile, which will give a real feeling of space.

For a large bathroom. A gray tile with a darker or darker concrete effect will allow you to play with light and contrast.

Tiles can also be adapted to many styles: a subway effect with white bathroom tiles in a horizontal format, a vintage atmosphere with plain blue tiles, etc.

The different materials of the bathroom tiles

“We distinguish floor tiling from wall tiling by the solidity of its composition”.

Both porcelain stoneware and earthenware are ceramics, but they do not have the same destination. Technically, porcelain stoneware floor tiles can also be installed on walls. Although their weight requires a little more care during installation. Wall tiles, on the other hand, are not designed to withstand the stresses of successive passages.

The porcelain stoneware

For floors, porcelain stoneware is necessary for both its resistance and its charm.

Composed of clay and a mixture of natural materials. It offers a wide range of shapes and shades and can imitate other materials admirably well with the many aspects it offers.

Prefer a porcelain stoneware tinted in the mass, which will not let appear possible splinters consecutive to an impact.

the porcelain stoneware for bathroom  tile

The earthenware

Bathroom tiles offer a range of bathroom wall tiles, from the most chic to the most natural.

The glossy finish of earthenware brings out the textures it imitates for a perfect look.

Earthenware tiles are reserved exclusively for walls.

the earthenware

The different aspects of tiling

“Tiles are no longer limited to simple terracotta tiles or plain glazed tiles. It is a covering which can give the illusion that it is of another nature thanks to its talent of imitation. Wood, concrete, stone are all materials that can be advantageously replaced by tiles.”

All these decorative aspects are obtained due to porcelain stoneware. Which allows you to cover your bathroom with a slate effect tile that is much lighter to install than natural slate, and also much less expensive. Or you can give your bathroom a wood-look floor that will be much more resistant and easier to maintain than a real parquet floor, and more economical.

For walls, porcelain stoneware shares the spotlight with earthenware. Which is also capable of imitating wood as well as old wall textures.

Cement effect tile

With its many floral and geometric patterns, cement tile leaves room for all kinds of fantasies. It is perfect to equip a bathroom entirely, or simply to delimit the toilet area for example.

Cement effect tile tiles have the same aesthetic codes as cement tiles, but are much more practical. Made of porcelain stoneware, this tile is naturally waterproof, unlike cement tile, and therefore does not require waterproofing treatment.

You can choose to install your cement effect tile in any room of the house: it does not fear stains and can be easily maintained with a simple household cleaner.

It is also more stable over time in its patterns and colors.

cement effect tile

Concrete effect tile

Concrete effect tile offers a raw look capable of highlighting many bathroom settings.

The large, even rectangular concrete look tile is perfect for modern bathroom tiling, both on walls and floors.

The concrete effect is also a great match for metallic and basic furniture and a minimalist atmosphere as an industrial style bathroom tile.

In hexagonal format, like modern tiles, this tile offers a vintage feel to the bathroom. For a country look, choose the square version in a color.

concrete effect tile

Wood effect bathroom tiles

With the wood look tile, you can sublimate the atmosphere of an exotic or Scandinavian bathroom.

This imitation parquet bathroom tile has everything to please:

  • It is totally water resistant.
  • It can withstand intensive use.
  • Its maintenance is largely facilitated.

Wood effect tiles are available in all the colors of natural wood, and even more with variations of ash brown. Exotic woods or bleached aspect. You can even choose between “traditional” wood. Which offers a typical new wood look, and “aged” wood for a rustic look in your country-style bathroom.

Stone imitation tile

Stone is an ideal material for adding character to a bathroom. But natural stone is heavy and porous and is neither accessible nor easy to install depending on the configuration of the bathroom.

Here again, stone effect tiles offer particularly high levels of imitation. You can opt for a slate-like bathroom tile at a lower cost, or find the authenticity of travertine or marble without the inconvenience of its porosity.

stone imitation tile

The bathroom mosaic

As an alternative to or in addition to tiles, mosaic is a decorative element that can be integrated into different bathroom environments.

If its traditional installation is somewhat laborious, the mosaic tile is now offered in plates of formats identical to ordinary tiles.

The mosaic can be made of glass paste, marble, stone, porcelain stoneware or mother of pearl.

Used as a floor covering, the mosaic has the advantage of a greater adhesion because of the multiplication of its joints.

the bathroom mosaic

Our tips for choosing a bathroom tiles

Porcelain stoneware for the floor, earthenware for the walls, and all the styles available to meet your decorative desires: tiles are a must in the bathroom!

In your choice criteria, don’t forget to match the color of the tile to the size of the room, a small bathroom benefits from being covered with light tones.

Also on the formats, if large tiles are very elegant in a large bathroom, they will not bring the same feeling in a small room.