How to decorate an empty wall in an original way without breaking the bank?

You have a few empty wall and you’re out of inspiration to decorate them?

This article should help you, because you will discover 10 original ideas to decorate an empty wall.

Mirrors, frames, carpets or even mood boards, you will see that there are many tips!

Frames to decorate an empty wall

Frames are great assets in interior design, to protect and stage photos or decorative posters but also to dress up walls.

Thus, using them to dress up a wall is an excellent alternative to enhance its cachet.

Like this example using frames galore, for a singular rendering.

The procedure is simple for this type of empty wall decoration, let yourself be guided by your inspiration and do not try to align your frames!

An idea to associate without hesitation with a living room carpet to accentuate the result.

frames to decorate an empty wall

A moodboard

The moodboard trend is everywhere!

For the uninitiated, it is an inspiration board that can gather images, objects or texts according to the mood and taste of its creator.

If you have an office space at home, a moodboard will be just the thing to decorate the wall.

All you need is a wall support to hold all your inspiring ideas and make it an amazing space that reflects your image.

a moodboard

Mirrors to decorate an empty wall

Mirrors have the ability to accentuate the depth of a room.

They can also be allies of choice for the dressing of a blank wall decoration.

Even more so when they are multiplied and given a shape that marks the spirit, as is the case with the Chaty Vallauris sun mirrors.

Whatever the models chosen, many associations and arrangements are possible in all rooms of the house.

So another beautiful and inspiring idea that mirrors, to dress up empty walls with brio and elegance.

mirrors to decorate an empty wall

A pegboard

Another trend to dress up blank walls: the pegboard.

Nevertheless, what is it you will ask me?

Pegboards are large panels with holes usually used in workshops to store tools.

Their raw charm and practicality have managed to seduce many interiors, which find it a decorative asset out of the box.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, whether as storage shelves or as a decorative element.

In short, your white wall has everything to gain by adopting a pegboard!

a pegboard to decorate an empty wall

Shelves to decorate an empty wall

Wall shelves are obviously among the existing solutions.

Practical and decorative, they come in a multitude of styles and can meet all your decorating needs.

A wall shelf is a furniture element in its own right to hold books, decorative objects or green plants.

All of this, while guaranteeing a minimum of floor space.


Hanging juju hat

Let’s move on to a more exotic suggestion wall décor ideas.

Have you heard of the juju hat, that irresistible ethnic and bohemian element that can be found in the most sophisticated interiors?

Originally a traditional Cameroonian headdress made of colored feathers, the juju hat immediately seduced decorating enthusiasts.

The latter saw it as a shocking ally of the most singular and airy, hitting the bull’s eye at first glance.

Good for them, because today the juju hat is a must have in terms of wall decoration.

hanging juju hat

A carpet as decoration

A carpet on the wall? What a strange idea!

However, a carpet can be an excellent decorative solution, which will have everything to gain.

As on the floor, a carpet on a wall immediately conveys a warm and exotic note.

Once again, all styles and sizes are possible, depending on your taste and expectations in terms of rendering.

a carpet to decorate an empty wall

Decoration for wall : weaving

If you want to bring a poetic and deliciously retro note to your decoration, wall weaving will be an obvious choice.

Macrame weaving is one of the most trendy in interior design, as evidenced by the numerous models available on the market and the abundant tutorials on the subject.

Whether it is white or colored, wall weaving dresses the walls in a wink and can be seen in a living room, a dining room, a bedroom or an entrance.

This wall decoration has now many followers, eager to bring a vintage note to their interiors.

Are you one of them?

decoration for wall : weaving

Hats to decorate an empty wall

You still don’t know what to do with your hat collection?

Instead of confining them to the traditional but no less elegant round boxes, you should consider hanging them on your blank walls to create an original decoration!

Hats don’t just dress up our heads, they can be an additional asset that will exceed your expectations in terms of look.

Simple, effective and economical, this ephemeral and modular solution goes hand in hand with a wooden bench to accentuate its light and friendly spirit.

hats to decorate an empty wall

Composition of baskets

We have already arrived at the last tip of the day to decorate an empty wall.

It’s all about woven baskets, to be combined to create compositions with ethnic charm, inviting you to travel.

Here is a good way to divert all the pieces brought back from your travels, offering them a place of choice.

And if you miss some, you can buy baskets in many stores, to enrich your melting pot!

composition of baskets

Dressing an empty wall in other rooms

Here are some tips for decorating other rooms in your home.

In a bedroom

The bedroom shares with the other rooms of the house some ideas to decorate an empty wall like frames and mirrors… but each room has a different way to decorate.

The wall mirror

It accessorizes the walls of the room nicely and brings more and more light to the room. Scatter them on the walls, alone or surround them with other wall objects.

the wall mirror

Metal wall decorations

The contemporary wall decoration will give your bedroom a nice design and trendy touch. Abstract style, art deco atmosphere, nature spirit, or vintage object, you will be spoilt for choice. You can also opt for originality by hanging several clocks on your empty bedroom wall.

metal decorations to decorate an empty wall

Revisit the macrame curtain

Diverting an object from its primary function allows you to personalize your decor. At a time when we can easily find ourselves with the same coffee table as our neighbors, we must sometimes use a little imagination to distinguish ourselves. The macrame curtain is a perfect accessory to divert to dress the walls of the room. The result is sublime and very singular.

revisit the macrame curtain

Choose an original and practical headboard

Too often forgotten, the headboard is a very beautiful way to dress a part of the walls of the room, and even more if you choose a headboard that also allows to expose your photos and paintings. A good point too, if you don’t want to drill your walls!

choose an original and practical headboard

In an entrance

If you have an all-white entrance or hallway, you can create a decorative ensemble by installing a bench or a console and hanging one or more mirrors, a nice coat rack, frames, family photos…

Besides all these ideas, you can also make with chalkboard paint a circle or another shape on which it is possible to write the grocery list or a welcome note. Prefer small decorative objects above the console to highlight the artwork that you have done, a pretty rug, plants and why not baskets to make the place functional. All this will create an atmosphere that is both chic and casual, which can only make a good impression.

 an empty wall entrance dcoration

Another idea: Install a chalkboard, a bench and some decorative pillows, and you’re done! You get a little “think tank” corner, ideal for sending messages to the whole family, reminding your kids of curfew time and maybe even a way to apologize.

a chalkboard to decorate an empty wall

In a dining room

Forget the traditional frame to decorate the empty wall of the dining room here are some ideas to inspire you

floor mirrors

The idea: Create an impact in the dining room with two oversized mirrors.

The pluses: Effective, easy to use and flexible (there’s something for everyone), the oversized floor mirror is a timeless accessory for designers who dare to integrate it into any space, including the dining room! For good reason: it gives a sense of grandeur, brings light and adds depth to the decor.

In practice: lean against the wall two huge foot mirrors or you can also hang them, side by side. The imposing furniture will be highlighted more thanks to this double reminder.

Mistakes: Choosing the wrong wall! Be sure to reflect a distinctive element of your room, like your quilted velvet chairs. If brightness is important, avoid mercurial and smoky mirrors.

floor mirrors

Majestic wallpaper

The idea: Structure the dining room by creating a striking, accent visual effect on the wall.

The pluses: Delineate a large room, add color, and create contrast… In addition to being versatile in its function, wallpaper is an excellent way to infuse a dose of personality and chic into the dining room. This decorating ally allows you to show your style in a masterful way!

In practice: Choose a single wall or a section of wall to decorate. Choose a wallpaper with a strong, flamboyant pattern. You can combine it with glass furniture to keep the atmosphere airy and fluid.

Mistakes: Overloading the space with too many colors and patterns can diminish the desired impact! Take inspiration from the tones of your decor when selecting your wallpaper and match it with solid colors.

majestic wallpaper to decorate an empty wall

Twin shelves

The idea: Change the buffet or dresser by forming a focal point with a tandem of shelves.

The pluses: Arranged in pairs of two, open storage shelves are trending among interior designers! With its clean lines, the furniture cleverly dresses up the wall while not stealing the show from your dining table set. The shelves are also great for personalizing the space, as you can simply choose your best finds to fill them: artwork, plates, books, frames, plants, etc.

In practice: Place two identical shelves side by side. Place the larger items first to create an asymmetrical balance, then complement with smaller accessories.

Mistakes: Overpowering the style with overcrowded shelves and disparate objects. Use sparingly!

twin shelves

Oversized canvas

The idea: Complete the dining room decor with a giant, attention-grabbing piece.

The pluses: An accessory with character, the oversized canvas sets the tone at a glance. It’s also an all-in-one piece that combines style, practicality and art! Finally, a huge reproduction, offers an elegant alternative to the traditional picture and frame composition.

In practice: Choose the mood you want to emphasize and opt for an image that represents you, whether it illustrates travel, nature or photography. Place your canvas on the floor against the wall, like in an artist’s loft, or hang it like in a gallery. Either way, you’re sure to get a “wow” from your guests.

Mistakes: Hanging it at the wrong height! Typically, it is placed at eye level (about 65 inches).

To create a feature wall, step out of your comfort zone by daring to be oversized and pair it up!

oversized canvas an empty wall

In a bathroom

Whether it’s large or small, the bathroom is always one of the favorite room in the house. Because it is not necessarily simple to decorate it, the good idea is to start with its walls.

A wall of mirrors

Multiply the mirrors above your sink for a very original decorative effect.

Another advantage: the mirrors will give the impression that your bathroom has gained in surface.

Here’s a good idea: use vintage mirrors of different sizes.

a wall mirrors

A spring shelf to decorate an empty wall

The shelf is the simplest and most functional way to dress your walls. Why not take advantage of it to give a country style to your bathroom.

a spring shelf an empty wall

A bamboo ladder to decorate an empty wall

A Zen material by excellence, bamboo is ideal in a bathroom with a refined style. We love it in the form of a towel rack, which decorates the wall without weighing it down.

a bamboo ladder

Loft style letters to decorate an empty wall

The letters, declined in all colors and with all possible materials, are precious assets to decorate a wall a little sad. Industrial (and trendy) effect guaranteed.

loft style letters to decorate an empty wall

Pop coat hooks

Coat hooks and other coat racks are necessary for any bathroom. They combine usefulness with aesthetics. Choose bright colors to energize the decor.

pop coat hooks

Cement tiles to decorate an empty wall

No one can ignore it, cement tiles are making a comeback on the floor as well as on the walls. So, why not make the trend your own and create a mosaic. An aesthetic and easy to maintain ornament for your showers and sinks.

cement tiles

A reading corner to decorate an empty wall

A wall decoration reserved for lovers of reading in the bath. The library in the bathroom is a daring idea, but it will transform the room into a cozy and elegant place.

a reading corner to decorate an empty wall

A gallery wall

The picture frame wall is a big trend. The bathroom is giving in to it as well. You can opt either for a straight, well-aligned layout or for frames of different sizes installed randomly.

Finally, we’ve tried to share with you all our wall decor ideas to dress up the empty ones in every room of the house, in an almost detailed way for a more warm and welcoming interior, and now it’s up to you to push your inspiration to make changes that will please you in the end of the day.

a gallery wall to decorate an empty wall