How to design a modern living room in a chic minimalist style

If you want to give your living space a modern lounge makeover, we recommend the chic minimalist style. The emphasis is on aesthetic furniture with clean lines and functional design, combined with sober decoration and smooth surfaces.

A minimalist style and a contemporary living room in four steps

First: Choose furniture with sober shapes and soft colors;

Second: Create open spaces on the floor and use shelves;

Third: Leave the walls free, a large wall mirror in the living room is enough;

Finally: Use simple shapes and sober materials.

Design furniture and modern living room: chic and sober atmosphere

Preferably choose a few pieces of furniture with a simple design, skillfully staged in a modern living room. A calm and harmonious atmosphere is guaranteed! Furniture with clean lines is very suitable for a minimalist look. If you wish, dress your living room with a lacquered rectangular coffee table and combine it with a leather corner sofa. And store what needs to be stored in a closed storage space, such as a sideboard or a cupboard for example. An airy shelf is also recommended for displaying books and decorative objects. They should match the modern style of the living room in terms of color, materials and shapes.

The materials chosen for a modern and casual lounge

Too many different materials can make a modern living room seem messy. Choose, according to your taste, a main material such as solid wood, and ventilate with a few touches of another material. In this way, the furniture and accessories will blend harmoniously into the whole. Soft, delicate fabrics bring warmth to a minimalist atmosphere. By removing the superfluous and using simple furniture and accessories, you create a modern and soothing atmosphere.

Minimalist style and color combination

Even minimalist, the decoration of a modern style living room is essential. Therefore, it is important that the shape, color and materials of the decorative objects make up a harmonious whole. For example, add a few elegant notes with simple vases, green plants, large scented candles and decorative cushions with geometric patterns. These will give the room an original atmosphere. A single photo on the wall can also soften the room. Preferably choose a simple color combination to dress up your walls, furniture and accessories. Silver, copper or gold underline the elegance of modern living rooms dressed in white, black and grey.

Cozy atmosphere in a contemporary interior

Lighting fixtures are fundamental elements of a minimalist and refined decoration. This is why we recommend that you carefully choose the shape, color and materials of the furniture and accessories present in your modern trendy living room. If necessary, create a subdued lighting with floor, table and ceiling lamps for a more relaxed atmosphere.