10 tips to create a cocooning baby room

10 tips to create a cocooning baby room

Baby hasn’t pointed the tip of his nose yet, that we must already think about the layout of his cozy little baby room.

After his birth, it is in his room that baby should spend most of his time, sleeping, resting and playing!

We give you a few tips to make baby feel comfortable there.


How do you make a newborn baby feel comfortable in his room, comfortable in bed with a sense of security that is essential for a good night’s sleep?


It’s preferable for the baby to have a room all to himself, at best. It should be a quiet place, away from the noise of the house or the road. The room should be well insulated to keep an average temperature of 19/20 degrees.


Designing the newborn’s room: creating a cozy little nest for him/her


1.Color the room with soft, pastel colors.


For the color of the paint, we recommend soft and pastel colors. Don’t hesitate to decorate the walls with stickers or drawings that you can make yourself! Your child will spend long hours looking at them! Every nook and cranny of your child’s room needs to be decorated. An empty baby’s room does not attract his curiosity as much as if it is full of things to see! But don’t overload the room with stickers or objects that are too bright, which will prevent baby from falling asleep.

baby room with pastel colors


2.Baby room: Personalize with his stuff


It is essential that the baby has his own space. Avoid storing your belongings in his room and leave him this room for his toys, cuddly toys, books…

His belongings must be easily accessible and tidy.

some baby toys


3.Position his bed facing the door


During the first year of his life, Baby will spend a lot of time resting, up to about 16 hours a day.

Small advice: privilege the curved forms, which makes it possible to find the feelings of its first territory in the belly of its mother.

Baby needs to be able to see you when he wakes up at night so he won’t be scared. Place the crib perpendicular to the window and facing the door.

bed and chair


4.Use soft materials in his bed


To take care of baby’s fragile skin, use soft materials such as satin, cotton, wool, velvet … avoiding synthetics.

a white bed for baby


5.Baby room: Create a relaxing space


You can create a reading space, place a toy chest and provide it with a coffee table and a small chair. A relaxation area is essential to spend a good time with him. As he grows up, this space arranged for the baby will make him want to stay calm in his room without getting bored! Try to place it near a window.

You can put a neutral colored floor mat to bring out the toys placed on it. Do you know it? Baby doesn’t see very well at birth. Before 2 months, he can distinguish the contours of objects and contrasts, and it is around 3 months that he begins to perceive color.

a relaxing space in baby room


6.Furnish with a furniture not too bulky


You can place your changing table in a corner of the room. The furniture in his room should be within his reach, and not too bulky. From the youngest age, he should feel that this space belongs to him: it is preferable not to store your things in his room.

a white baby room


7.Baby room: Connect a baby phone


To monitor your infant remotely and without waking him/her up, install a baby phone in his/her room. There are different types: baby monitor equipped with a camera, baby monitor with a nightlight option.

For the waves, it is recommended that you place it more than one meter from his bed and NEVER in his bed.

a baby with a baby phone


8.Arrange the mobile well


It is not mandatory but it is the preferred accessory for infants. There are many models to awaken all his senses: decorative with removable toys or musical.

According to pediatricians, music is essential in a child’s development because it reassures and soothes him.

It is used to keep them occupied and to help them fall asleep. It should not be placed above his head!

a baby bed


9.Baby room: Put a night-light on


A soft colored night light will help your child sleep well, especially when he is afraid of the dark.



10.Install finger guards and flip-flap outlets for safety.


In addition to his comfort, it is important that baby is completely safe. To avoid fingers getting stuck in doors, put a finger guard on the door. Opt for flap-top outlets.

some finger guards and flip-flap outlets for safety


Don’t forget to improve air quality by airing your baby’s room every day for at least 10 minutes!