10 decoration tips to boost your interior

10 decoration tips to boost your interior

You spend a lot of time in your apartment or house, so why not invest some time or money in your interior design? Here are our simple decoration tips to make your home a cozy little nest.

1.Play with natural light

When deciding on the color of your walls, consider the direction of the sunlight. Use white or bright colors in north-facing rooms, which tend to be darker, and create a warm atmosphere in west-facing rooms with a neutral color with a pink or red base. In rooms facing south and east, you can choose blue (cooler) or white.

Another of our decoration tips to increase the effect: use large mirrors that will bring more light and give the impression that the room is bigger.

Play with natural light to boost your interior in our 10 decoration tips


2.A touch of nature inside


The best way to counterbalance a room filled with modern or design furniture is to add natural elements. And by “natural elements” we don’t just mean flowers and plants! You can use a large wooden log as a stool or end of a sofa, for example, or a tree branch as a rod, coat rack, suspension…

apply our decoration tips: use a touch of nature inside


3.Frames on the wall and plants on the floor… Or the opposite?


The popular belief is that a frame should be hung on a wall, and a plant should be placed on the floor. Revelation: this is not always the case! A frame may be much more impactful when placed on the floor, on a piece of furniture or on a fireplace, for a little bohemian chic.

On the contrary, a plant raised by a small pedestal will be much better highlighted than on the ground. Without forgetting the suspensions, to give them an aerial side!

place some frames on the floor to succeed our decoration tips


4.Curtains and bed linen: keep it simple



The temptation is often great to buy these bed sheets of all colors, or these flowery curtains so fashionable. But the problem with prints is that they wear out quickly and, as far as curtains are concerned, they are less obvious to change each season.

So, for curtains, choose a plain color, preferably clear, easy to match with anything. And our decoration tips for bed sheets: start with a plain base but don’t hesitate to upgrade it with one or two colored cushions and a nice plaid as a bed throw.

use a simple bed to boost your interior


5.The Rule of Three



If you want to make a decorative arrangement, try to put your small decorative items in threes: candles, vases, small plants… Two is a little bit, and four is a little bit too much. Of course, rules are made to be broken; the important thing is that it be harmonious.

use the rule of three to boost your interior


6.Always more light



In decoration tricks that we do not often think about: light sources. Don’t be satisfied with just one artificial light source, such as a ceiling light, which will make your room look a little flat. Multiple light sources (on the floor, on a shelf, in a daisy chain…) allow you to modulate the intensity of the lighting but also add volume and character to the room. Other light allies: candles! Well arranged, they bring that little extra that makes a room warm.

use always more light to boost your interior


7.Plaids, blankets and carpets



There’s nothing like fabric to warm up a room! Plaids and other blankets are the perfect accessories to add a touch of color and warmth to a room, especially if they are made of (faux) fur. Rugs can also be used to delineate spaces and warm any type of floor.

use plaids, blankets and carpets to boost your interior


8.Invest where it matters



If you have a limited budget, invest in the most important piece of furniture in the room. In the living room, it’s the sofa, in the bedroom, it’s the bed, and so on. Then compose and expand your decor collection over the years.

boost your interior


9.Don’t limit yourself to one store



It may seem obvious to you, but don’t limit yourself to just one decorating store! because if you buy everything from one store, you run the risk of having a house that looks like a showroom. Very nice, certainly, but with a cruel lack of personality. The desire to have it right away is always great, but nothing beats the satisfaction of finding THE piece you were looking for at a flea market!

choose different pieces to boost your interior


10.Master the art of mix & match



At all levels! Mix precious elements with cheap elements, design objects and antique objects, new and old… If there is one of our decorating tips to remember, it would be this one: it is the mixtures that give the room cachet and make your decor unique.

Master the art of mix & match to boost your interior