6 best tricks to keep your house tidy:

6 best tricks to keep your house tidy:

Storage has become a priority in the design of our interiors. We always need it, every day a little more. Where to find the space and how to integrate them harmoniously into our decoration? Tips and tricks to optimize your space, hide your stuff in a smart way .

Chronic disorder can undermine morale… So, let’s roll up our sleeves and do some good tricks

Sort it out

at the beginning, limit yourself to one drawer or shelf rather than tackling your entire interior. This will keep you from getting discouraged. For example, set a day each week to clear out a room and go through all the accumulated junk that might be thrown away. If you’re hesitant to throw out (or give away) something, put it aside. At the end of the month, if you haven’t used it, throw it away this time (or give it away)! You can also organize this storage in two piles: what is usable and in good working order on one side, and what is broken or superfluous on the other side. And to take it a step further, why not try the Marie Kondo Method?

Be logical

be practical when it comes to storage, be simple and full of common sense. Efficient storage is storage that is easy to access. If you need to push your collection of mini cacti to access your little one’s health book, or step over the shelf to get to the couch, it’s time to rethink your organization. Make everything you use every day easily accessible and reserve the harder access for items that are more exceptional in use. This practical sense should be even more acute if you decide to set up a library: you will have to ask yourself which books you need to access most often.

Be multifunctional

for a small space, opt for transformable furniture: clever solutions which, in addition to saving space, are often very aesthetic. Even if transformable furniture often means low budget, don’t try to save money at all costs and focus instead on quality. Before you make your choice, do you plan for the future, will this piece of furniture be big enough and clever enough to hold your storage space? Is it easy to maintain? Will it go with my interior design?

Ask for help

if you feel overwhelmed, find a companion. You’ll be more efficient and you’ll go faster. Who knows, you’ll take the opportunity to share your cleaning tips. Also remember that perfectionism is one of the biggest obstacles that can prevent you from living a serene life. Wanting to be a home fairy at all costs is not always a good thing. An interior that is too sanitized and looks like a show house is not warm.

Trust feng shui

according to feng shui, the cellar represents your past, the attic your future, the entrance your relationships with others, the living room your heart, the kitchen your belly, the floor your finances, the cupboards your body, the bedroom your privacy and the garage your mobility. As you enter each of these rooms, visualize the area of your life in question. This will help you start a great spring cleaning.

Design your interior layout before you move in

simply because if you have to opt for very heavy solutions (work lasting several weeks), it’s not very pleasant to live in the middle of a construction site. However, it’s never too late. When you invested in your house or apartment, you did not necessarily have the means to furnish it immediately. Five or six years after you move in, you’ll have a better understanding of your needs and it may be a little easier to review your overall storage organization.