7 Ways to Enlarge Your Space with a Mirror

7 Ways to Enlarge Your Space with a Mirror

You like your new apartment very much, but some rooms are not very big, and a few extra m² would not be luxury. There is a very simple decoration solution: use mirrors to deceive the real dimensions of the rooms. On the ceiling, on the walls, alone or in series, they will be perfect to give the illusion and visually disturb the space. So how to enlarge a room with a mirror?


1. An XXL mirror on the floor or fixed to the wall


This simple trick allows to visually enlarging the room while giving it a bohemian, even industrial spirit, depending on the design of the mirror. Ideal for an entrance that “breathes”, to double the size (in appearance) of a slightly small living room and to bring light to a blind room

use an XXL mirror on the floor or fixed to the wall in your decoration


2. Facing a window: a more luminous room


Place a mirror in front of a window or bay window facing the outside allows natural light to be reflected. It visually increases space and plays on perspectives. The room appears larger, but also brighter. Ideal if your interior is rather dark and badly exposed.

use a mirror facing window in your decoration


3. On a door: an impressive rendition


Hanging on a door, the mirror gives way to a room that gives the illusion of being completely open. This technique also works on wardrobe or dressing room doors. Ideally, the mirror should cover the entire door, from floor to ceiling. The illusion will be much more impressive!

use mirror on a closet door in your decoration


4. At the end of a corridor: the illusion of an endless passageway


In the extension of an open corridor, place an XL mirror on the last wall. It will create the illusion that the corridor continues infinitely and that many rooms are still to be discovered. A perfect process, especially if your apartment is a walk-through.

use Mirror At the end of a corridor in your decoration


5. A mirror on a whole section of wall


Transform your living room or hallway with a large rectangular mirror hanging on the wall. The living room, or dining room, seems to have doubled in size in no time at all. Therefore the room looks bigger and more airy.

use A mirror on a whole section of wall in your decoration


6. On the ceiling, above the bed: a feeling of evasion


A fantastic decoration that greatly enhances the style of a room. Above the bed, a huge mirror on the ceiling provides a feeling of escape when you are lying down, ready to fall asleep.

use mirror on the ceiling, above the bed in your decoration


7. The mirrored glass roof


For those who want the advantages of the glass roof without the disadvantages, the glass roof mirror is the solution. Without doing any work, you will bring cachet and light to the room, while disturbing the landmarks

use The mirrored glass roof in your decoration