Interior design: mixing modern and traditional

Interior design: mixing modern and traditional

In interior design, the association of styles is currently very interesting. Although the entire decoration in a uniform style is beautiful to see, the mix of different styles promises surprising and unique results. The goal of marrying traditional and modern style is mostly to accentuate convenience and warmth in the home. In this presentation, it is essential to privilege natural tones, a sober design, colors that bring warmth and especially eye-catching decorative objects.


Opt for natural decoration


The natural decoration is a way to evoke nature at home and also to have a more original style. Speaking of nature, wood is the material with excellence to bring out an authentic design. Therefore, you will need to choose wood furniture. They are generally attractive by their texture and color. However, it is essential to choose wood furniture that is well cared for and has a perfect finish. In this case, you will have to banish those with rough surfaces. You will have a wide choice of wooden decorative elements that will meet this association of style: living room, dining room, chairs, tables, mirrors and other similar elements. The natural aspect also concerns carpets, different fabrics for furniture and curtains. In general, wool, cotton and linen are the most suitable.

Opt for natural decoration to mix modern and traditional interior design


Lighting fixtures in warm white and pastel colors


With a mix of traditional and modern style, it is better to use LED lights than traditional bulbs. In addition, it is currently possible to use them as room lighting, not only for decoration or other fixtures. In general, LED light bulbs promise better color rendering due to the vividness of its light. also, they are very economical. Among the many colors available, warm color LEDs are the most suitable. Once installed, the warm white light will cause relaxation as the light at the end of the day.

To complete the luminaire, in interior design,  it is also advisable to use pastel colors throughout the decoration. You can also add a few shades of mint green, peach, dull purple or even black, to bring out the beauty of the bright wooden furniture. You can also adopt these shades for textiles and decorative wall objects.

Lighting fixtures in warm white and pastel colors to mix modern and traditional interior design


Decorative objects with various shapes


In order to highlight modernity in this more or less ancient and traditional universe, it is recommended to install objects and geometric designs. These elements attract more attention while evoking value that will be pleasing to the eye. For example, you can use wall lights or lampshades of unusual shapes. Other objects such as vases or ashtrays can also adopt these styles. As for textiles, use triangular patterns. On the walls, add photos on canvas, preferably linen for a real decorative painting. All of the above will probably give more authentic and natural results.

Decorative objects with various shapes to mix modern and traditional interior design