Marie Kondo ‘s method: tidying up in 3 steps!

Marie Kondo ‘s method: tidying up in 3 steps!

It’s the end with the mess

Today Marie Kondo is synonymous with serenity, minimalism and Feng Shui tidiness. Pronouncing her name may already give you a feeling of well-being and cleanliness!

This young 34 year old Japanese woman who created the KonMari method is according to Forbes one of the most influential women in the world!..  She owes this success to her coveted method, which combines order and peace of mind. Book sold in millions of copies The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up retraces the key steps of a complete reorganization of her home. But the excitement doesn’t stop at reading. Since 1 January 2019, a reality TV series has been devoted to it on Netflix.

At the head of a training program dedicated to creating a network of home storage consultants, she has become a regular guest on the biggest TV shows. KonMari is no longer just a method, but a real ideology. For her, “life begins after sorting”. Her promise: tidy your home will change your life!

So, if she has succeeded in restoring freshness, organization and a gentle way of life to thousands of homes, why not apply her method?!

The KonMari method detailed in 3 steps

The KonMari method consists of 3 main steps:

  • Decision;
  • Sorting;
  • Tidying up.


This may seem obvious, yet it is the step that Marie Kondo describes as the most important: the decision. Deciding to take charge of the reorganization, cleaning and complete tidying of your home is above all a triple commitment. The commitment to get started, the commitment to follow through, and finally the commitment to carry on. The KonMari method is clear on this point, if you are not ready to sign a pact of good conduct with your apartment; there is no need to commit yourself to this approach which only has value in the long term!

The key to success? Plan the necessary time. Marie Kondo insists on the fact that the reorganization is not done in 1 hour, it is necessary to plan a time of about 7 days. The best is to start little by little over a week, before taking advantage of a weekend to finalize everything. This way, tidying up becomes an activity that you can look forward to every evening when you get home, and above all, that you can share in a good mood.


Sorting is the culmination of the transformation of your home. You will literally purify your apartment, not only by freeing up physical space, but above all by freeing your mind from all the clutter. Marie Kondo’s method is simple. You don’t have to proceed room by room but by category. There are 5 categories:

  • Clothes;
  • Books;
  • Papers;
  • Miscellaneous objects;
  • Memories.

So treat the categories one by one by grouping together all the elements of the category in one go in the largest room in your home. For example, if your books are scattered between the bedroom, the living room and the toilet, regroup everything in the living room to start sorting! Then it comes the dreaded step… Even though it can be heartbreaking, you have to know how to get rid of useless things. This is the key to uncluttering your house! It consists in giving, throwing away, or recycling the useless to keep only what you really like. Practical tip: make several garbage bags, one for books to donate, one for clothes to donate, one for items to donate and one for the trash.

It’s not easy to know what to keep and what to get rid of… But the KonMari method has an answer to that too! It is the concept of “spark of joy”. It’s quite simple, when in doubt, take the object in your hands. If you feel a positive feeling such as melancholy, well-being or a feeling of zenitude, keep it. Otherwise, get out!

To finish, it remains to put each object back in its place to feel perfectly at home! All these techniques allow you to find a healthy living space that will bring about a serenity of mind that can be reflected in your daily life.

3.Tidying up:

Well done, you’ve reached the final stage! The actual tidying up. If we had to sum up Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up in a single principle, it would be VISION. You must be able to see everything you tidy up, without moving anything. For the majority of rooms, this is simply done:

  • Only one row of books in the library;
  • No stacks of plates in front of each other in the kitchen cupboards;
  • No clutter in the drawers.

However, there is a special case to be dealt with to make your home 100% Zen: the folding and arrangement of your clothes.

To keep a perfect visibility in your wardrobe, all your clothes must be put upright and arranged by colors, so no more flat storage! Indeed, hanging or folded thanks to the methods that follow, it will allow you to see everything and therefore find everything in a wink, practical!

Each piece (jeans, sweater, T-shirt, socks…) has its own fold. It is necessary to have a visual on all the clothes and to harmonize the colors. Here are a few examples:


You have to lay the shirt flat to start the folding step. Then, fold the 2 sides towards the middle by folding the sleeves so that they do not protrude. Finally, fold the fabric in two and then in three. The same logic applies to the folding of sweaters and sweatshirts, keeping in mind that if folding in three is not suitable, just fold them in two.

The socks:

Put away the preconceived ideas! Socks no longer need to be rolled up, and this also applies to your tights or socks. For socks, fold from the point to the middle and then fold the ankle. For pantyhose, lay your legs on top of each other and roll them up. Then we make them all fit like beautiful makis!

The pants:

Simply superimpose the 2 legs, fold the crotch to form a straight line, fold in two and then in three.

For everything else:

Whether it’s a skirt, a coat or a dress, you have to put them on a hanger. Once the pieces are put upright, they must be classified by size, i.e. from the longest to the shortest pieces.

Hikidashi storage boxes

Marie kondo has launched her own line of storage boxes called “Hikidashi”, meaning drawer in Japanese. This kit, available since September 2018, includes 3 boxes of different sizes to fit the dimensions of your wardrobe. For the little anecdote, Marie Kondo has mandated a person with the mission to measure a maximum of cupboards so that her boxes fit the cupboards as much as possible. You can therefore buy these boxes for a price of around 90 dollars available in 4 color ranges: “Balance”, “Clarity”, “Wonder” or “Harmony”. An innovation that also addresses the issue of sustainable development since they are made of fiberboard and entirely recycled paper. The purpose of these boxes is to divide spaces and then assign