The six basic principles for a minimalist interior

The six basic principles for a minimalist interior

To succeed brilliantly in a minimalist interior decoration, the principle of this decorative style must first be clearly defined. More than a simple fashion and decoration trend, minimalism is a real way of life based on the “less is more” concept, and in this article you will find the 6 basic principles for a minimalist interior.


minimalist interior: Unclutter


This step may take some time, but it is essential for a minimalist interior: empty the room as much as possible. Reducing the number of objects we own is the first step to achieve a minimalist interior. A great sorting is necessary in each of our rooms.

unclutter the space


Clear all surfaces and arrange


Keep objects out of sight. Nothing should stick out of closets and drawers. We will also avoid open shelves and glass doors. Let’s forget the gallery of paintings and the collection of small santon.

minimalist bedroom


 Opt for monochrome


In terms of color, white enlarges the space and gives our interior a pure and zen look. Grey or beige brings a little more warmth. As for black, it is used by touch and gives an elegant look to the whole room.

minimalist kitchen design


Install minimalist furniture


In a minimalist interior, the furniture is few, functional, simple, clean and straight lines. Beware, it is not necessary to buy new furniture if you already like yours. If this sorting is an opportunity to completely review the layout of our rooms, we can rely on a 3D plan software special interior design. This allows you to replace your furniture as you want, to test new arrangements. HomeByMe offers this solution as an online software, with free or paid services according to your needs.

minimalist furniture


Use noble and natural materials


These materials, such as wood, stone, glass, metal, ceramics, bring their dose of warmth by breaking the monotony of white or gray walls.

natural materials

  Limit decorative objects


Decorative objects are superfluous and they complicate the household. Beautiful furniture and useful objects can stand on their own.

limit decorative objects in minimalist interior