Tips to succeed a Halloween party: decoration and lighting

Tips to succeed a Halloween party: decoration and lighting

It’s October and who says October says Halloween! Pumpkins along a walkway, paper ghosts hanging over garden beds, stickers on windows, a freshly dug grave. People are dressing up and little kids are knocking on doors to get candy. You want to organize a Halloween party? There are 2 essential things you should focus on, decoration and lighting. What are the Tips to succeed a Halloween party?  

First, lets start by the garden decoration. There are endless ideas for inviting the Halloween spirit into your garden. Among them, we have selected 5 simple and effective ideas for spooky decorations!


A dilapidated garden for a haunted house effect


To give your home the look of a haunted and dilapidated dwelling, avoid bright colors on the front of your house and the entrance. Set a dark mood by highlighting bare branches and dried plants. There’s nothing like a neglected garden to create a spooky atmosphere!

If you’re going to go with this style, master the look of neglect by removing all colorful objects and adding subtle spooky touches like skeletal branches or ghostly white pumpkins.

A dilapidated garden for a haunted house effect


Create a graveyard effect with skeleton arms


One of the easiest ways to get a haunted garden is to plant these skeleton arms in the ground. They instantly give the impression that your garden is actually a cemetery and that skeletons are trying to escape from the graves. Here’s a simple trick that doesn’t take up much space in your garden.

To add a touch of humor, make the skeletons’ fingers wiggle after placing them; do the peace sign, the famous Facebook thumb, etc.

halloween party


Turn your garden into a witch’s territory with lighted brooms


Broomsticks are characteristic of witches and the spirit of Halloween. When trimmed with tinsel, they are a wonderful idea to mark the territory of a certain witch clan. Use them to line your garden path. You can also place them randomly in the ground for a ghostly effect.

garden with halloween decoration


Place enchanted lanterns!


Play with the lights by making light and dark areas, this game of contrast will give chills for sure.

light and dark areas in halloween party


Create a spider-infested home effect


Let the spider webs invade your garden. Fake spider webs are readily available in stores. Get them and place them everywhere but subtly in your garden: on tree branches, on flower pots and pumpkins, on the ground and hanging on your patio. Add some plastic spiders to the webs for a creepy effect!

spider infested home effect in halloween party


Second, Choosing lighting carefully is an essential part of your party’s success. So, Let’s take a look at how to choose the right lighting for a Halloween party.


The basics: darkness and smoke


The first question I ask myself when planning a party: what associations belong to the theme? Personally, when I think of Halloween, I think of darkness, fright and surprise. But how do you translate these key words into the lighting of a party?


Darkness is king in Halloween party


If you want to transform a room into a Halloween haunted house, it is essential to make it very dark. Since darkness is the basis of the atmosphere, I recommend using “Pipe & Drape” curtains or backdrops. Black textile canvases can be an inexpensive alternative – as long as they are flame retardant. Don’t be afraid to think big, Halloween decorations should be eye-catching and eye-catching!


Add smoke in Halloween party


Smoke is another essential aspect of a Halloween party. A fog machine (“hazer”) allows you to instantly create a spooky atmosphere with a carpet of fog that stays close to the ground. Think, for example, of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video clip. Of course, you can also use a standard fog machine and combine it with a fan to better distribute the smoke. For a surprising effect, try a vertical smoke machine!



Lighting: don’t overdo it


Now that we have laid the groundwork for a successful Halloween party, we can move on to lighting. Since lighting is at odds with a dark atmosphere, it’s important not to go overboard and opt for subtle, understated lighting. I would like to highlight three different types of lighting.


Mood lighting


Mood lighting such as PAR lights are great for accenting certain decorations. You can use a dimmer switch or DMX controller to adjust the intensity and color of the light. Colors typically associated with Halloween are orange, purple and blue. I personally don’t use red because this color is associated with passion and heat. Mood lighting is the first “layer” of lighting; you can set everything before the party starts.


Lights in Halloween party


The second layer of lighting are the light shows that you turn on from time to time to create a surprising effect. Think, for example, of black light (or UV light) that makes white or fluorescent surfaces stand out with great intensity. Black light lighting comes in the form of spotlights or LED bars. It is recommended that you choose a model with a high output level (such as American DJ’s ECO UV Bar), otherwise the desired effect is lost. You can get a simple controller like the Innox Power Switch to turn the effect on or off remotely. Again, more is not better. So, use subtle effects such as a flashing light.



Mobile light in Halloween party


Moving lights, such as lyres, are best used once the party is well underway. As with light shows, it is recommended not to go overboard with moving lights. Turn them on every now and then to surprise your guests. If you plan to use a lyre, I recommend a beam type model to create a narrow, precise beam. Add a smoke machine for a mysterious effect!


Collaboration DJ – light technician


Of course, the DJ plays a major role in the success of a party. Indeed, a good collaboration between the DJ and the light technician can give a serious boost to your party. The lighting technician can then launch light or smoke effects at exactly the right moment. He can, for example, turn off all the lights during a break and turn them on when the energy of the song comes back (drop). For small parties without technical staff, remember that variation is key!