10 ways to decorate your terrace for less than 50$

10 ways to decorate your terrace for less than 50$

Decorating your terrace at a low price is not an easy task. But it is possible to revamp your oasis without spending a fortune, with a little imagination and smart shopping. Discover 10 ways to decorate your deck for less than 50$.


Cushions and more cushions


For a cozy outdoor furniture, add, for example, several cushions in bright colors and various shapes. Don’t forget to choose outdoor cushions so that they remain beautiful in spite of rain, strong sunlight, etc.

Cushions in home decoration


Summer garland


Garlands of colorful pennants will give rhythm and cheerfulness to your terrace this summer. We also like the more boho options!

Summer garland in home decoration


Economical flower pots


also, you can use your Mason pots as vases to hold freshly cut garden flowers. Stylish and inexpensive!

Economical flower pots in home decoration


Concrete block flower box


Use simple concrete blocks to create a beautiful planter. in short, give it the shape you want!

Concrete block flower box in home decoration


Garland of lights


Transform your Mason jars into decorative lanterns by placing, for instance, a bulb or a candle on them… or choose one of the trendy garlands!

Garland of lights in home decoration


Even more greenery


Multiply pots, plants and planters: beautiful, good, cheap! In other words, there are beautiful and affordable plant stands available.

more greenery in home decoration


Flowers and plants on trellis


For a green space with a structured look, add trellis to your deck where your plants and flowers can climb.

Flowers and plants on trellis in home decoration


Decorative outdoor carpet


An outdoor carpet will bring warmth and life to your terrace. And if your floor begins to be outdated, it will come back to life!

Decorative outdoor carpet in home decoration


Trendy lanterns


For soft and chic lighting, add beautiful glass lanterns to your terrace.

Trendy lanterns in home decoration


Green wall


Running out of space? Garnish your walls with galvanized steel pots or recycled cans to add greenery. There are also many pots with integrated supports that are easy to put on a balcony, the edge of a fence, etc.

Green wall in home decoration