Spring-summer 2023 decoration trends: color, material and style.

The decoration trends for spring-summer 2023 have once again been largely influenced by travel restrictions! Travel without leaving home, transform your living room into a little cocoon, bring a little nature inside, organize yourself to telecommute…

So, what are the decorating trends for spring-summer 2023: the main colors of the season, prints, materials, styles in the spotlight …

Yellow, the trendy decorating color for 2023

The trend color for Spring-Summer 2023 is YELLOW! A warm and luminous color that will invade absolutely every room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom, including the kitchen and bathroom.

There are many shades of yellow! This season, the two yellows that we will see the most is a pop yellow that brings a real touch of light and color to his decor and a yellow in shades of ocher, mustard or bronze that brings a good dose of warmth and a little retro side to his interior.

Yellow, the trendy decorating color for 2023

How to adopt the yellow color?

We can put yellow in absolutely every room in the house! The advantage of this color is that it blends with many others (white, black, navy blue, pastel colors, khaki green, brick red …).

Yellow is adopted rather in small touches, so we avoid the total look! As yellow is the trendy color of Spring-Summer 2023, you will easily find all kinds of objects in yellow: furniture, linens, decorations to put or hang, lighting …

How to adopt the yellow color?

The other trendy colors in decoration for summer 2023

To accompany the yellow, a palette of warm, cold and nude colors is available to you! A mixture of nature, travel and softness that can create or adapt to different interior styles! Among the colors of summer 2023, we find:

  • Natural colors such as brown in red tones, forest green or kaki-olive green;
  • Warm colors like terracotta or sienna;
  • Soft colors, quite pronounced, such as old pink, sage green, grayish blue or beige;
  • Navy blue and a little black to create contrast.
The other trendy colors in decoration for summer 2023

The trendy deco materials for spring-summer 2023

No big news on the materials side this season! Vegetable fibers and light wood continue to be safe values. We also find the same fabrics as last year and everything that gives an authentic side to decorative objects! The spring-summer 2023 will be natural and retro with:

  • For furniture: light wood mixed or not with black metal, painted wood, cane details…
  • For decorative objects: bamboo, raffia, jute, rattan…, transparent or colored glass, ceramic…
  • For linens, cushions and sofas: smooth or ribbed velvet, linen, simple or washed cotton, slightly crumpled, falsely worn materials…
  • For tableware: stoneware, metal, clear glass, wood and rattan.
The trendy deco materials for spring-summer 2023

The trendy decorating styles for spring-summer 2023

The Nordic Harvest – A sunny Nordic decoration

In 2023, the Scandinavian trend is evolving! Its cozy and uncluttered side is still relevant. It is just a little more bohemian by adopting the colors, prints, materials … flagship of this spring-summer! On the agenda: falsely worn carpets, accessories in plant fibers, flowery prints, soft velvet, green plants everywhere…


The Rural Poem – A bucolic decoration

A soft and romantic decor inspired by the “country house” style with floral or striped prints in light or thick fabrics! Retro style objects and dishes that give the impression of having been found, painted furniture, large china cabinets…


The Local Mix – A mixed decoration

A decoration with multiple influences that invites you to escape and to get away from it all! Wax-inspired fabrics are in the spotlight with their bold colors and abundant prints. To mix with plain fabrics that recall the print! A decoration that uses and abuses objects made of natural materials inspired by craftsmanship to be placed, hung on the wall or suspended: baskets, planters, fans, hanging lights …

As for furniture, wood, bamboo and metal are the three star materials of this trend! We choose them in natural colors or painted black, in raw, braided or sculpted versions. We continue to mix the inspirations of the four corners of the world with small side tables in the Japanese spirit, Indian benches …

the local mix a mixed decoration