Storage: 10 solutions you need to know that optimize space

To succeed in its layout, it is above all to think well about its storage. Any height, under roof, in an angle … There are wall cupboards or other clever storage systems to optimize the available space in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, entrance…

Here are 10 solutions that optimize space.

Wall cupboard, closet, rack, multifunction element are all solutions that allow you to free every room in the house from any embarrassment. Especially since these storage systems are customizable. The choice of fronts and their finish, the opening and closing system also contribute to the optimization of space. You have little space? Opt for sliding doors. Do you lack of brightness? Choose a finish that reflects the light or doors with mirrors…

1.For small rooms, a compact closet

Just because the sleeping area is small does not mean you have to let yourself be overwhelmed by the mountains of clothes. Thought for cramped spaces, the compact closet offers a nice storage area without eating too many square meters.

bedroom in small apartment

2.Space-saving bathroom furniture

The problem with traditional bathroom furniture is that it often encroaches on an already limited floor space. It is therefore better to adopt wall storage that doesn’t obstruct the circulation in the bathroom. The best way to do this is to choose a storage unit with a finish similar to the walls of the room, so that the furniture blends in completely with the wall. By the way, switch the handles for a more discreet snap-on opening system.

storage space in bathroom

3.Wall closets dress the bedroom

Framing the bed, these cupboards draw an arch where the night corner nestles. A pretty composition which, in addition to optimizing the storage, decorates the room in all simplicity. White is to be preferred if you plan such an arrangement, so as not to weigh down the room’s decor. All around the bed, the cupboards contain closets, drawers and baskets. The idea to be pricked? Perfect this storage arrangement with integrated lighting. 

storage space in bedroom

4.Storage units fit under the stairs

Coats and shoes should not be left lying around in the entrance lock… And what if you recover the lost space under the stairs to slip some storage space? In the highest part, install a nice closet; under the lowest stairs, opt for vertical drawers… neither seen nor known, the equipment disappears from the circulation. By painting the facades the same color as the staircase, they remain discreet.

storage space undair stairs

5.A clever piece of furniture against food waste

Kann imagined its pantry: a Food Storage with plenty of storage space. Its structure is designed so that vegetables, fruit, bread and eggs are no longer hidden away. A way for the brand to make sure that these foods will be eaten and not lost…

food storage

6.Storage space and a DIY bench on wheels

Two-in-one furniture is a well-thought-out solution when you don’t have enough room at home. To optimize square meters, why not imagine a bench with integrated storage? Both a cozy corner and a personalized storage unit, this mobile bench has many advantages. All you need is a few plywood boards, wooden boxes, wheels and a little elbow grease to make it. You finish with a colored paint of your choice. Here is a mobile and practical reading corner!

7.An entrance closet becomes multifunctional

The entrance closet is as indispensable as the bedroom closet: without a closet to store the siblings’ overcoats, the bazaar is assured. There is nothing better than a dressing room to optimize the airlock. Better still, with personalized storage, it is possible to imagine an entrance where there is none! Thus, the storage unit plays the role of additional separations with the living room.

entrance with storage space

8.A storage arrangement dresses up the space with class

These built-in closets connect the bedroom to the bathroom of a master suite.

dressing room

9.Storage space designed under roof

The attic and attic rooms are certainly full of charm, but they are no less difficult to furnish. So to invest in low ceilings, slopes, biscornuous angles, the big brands offer furniture that can be modulated as desired.

storage space under roof

10.An XXL wall cupboard where to hide the dishes

When they open, they reveal all the accessories needed to set up the table.

xxl wall cupboard