19 tricks for choosing the best interior lighting for your home

Chandelier, suspension, wall lamp, floor lamp … many lighting fixtures are proposed for the interior of our homes and create ambient lighting or functional. From the bamboo suspension to the white ceiling light and the vintage chandelier, there is a light for every style and room in the house.

What are the main interior lighting fixtures

A room can be lit with direct, indirect, diffused or subdued light and for this purpose, a whole collection of luminaires is available:

  • suspensions;
  • chandeliers;
  • wall sconces;
  • ceiling lights;
  • spotlights, wall-mounted or recessed;
  • lighting ramps;
  • table lamps;
  • floor lamps.

Each light is declined in different styles: vintage, modern, shaggy, industrial … and we find a wide range of material used: bamboo, rattan, natural wood, metal, PVC ….

“In brief, whatever the decoration and the atmosphere of your home, there is a light for each room of the house: living room, dining room, kitchen, adult and children’s rooms…”

lighting fixtures

Which light fixture for which room in the house

Depending on the room we are in, we do not need the same type of interior lighting. A strong light in a bedroom or a soft light in a dining room is not ideal.

Lighting fixtures by room of the house

 SuspensionChandelierWall lightTable LampFloor lampSpotlight and lightbar
Living room****************
Dining room*************
Hallway and stairs***********

* Light fixture not adapted

** Sufficiently suitable light fixture

*** Ideal for use with or without other lighting

light fixture
credit Claude cartier décoration

The interior suspension

Except for the bathroom and toilets where other interior lighting fixtures are preferred, all rooms in a home can be equipped with a suspension light.

Suspended directly from the ceiling, and hung from it via a fixing pin, the suspension is an essential lighting fixture declined in all styles to match all ambiences.

The lights of a suspension

The suspension has gradually imposed itself for its practicality, its ease of installation and its multitude of variations and lighting:

  • direct lighting above a kitchen table;
  • indirect lighting with a deflector to create a cozy atmosphere in a small living room;
  • ambient lighting to create an intimate atmosphere;
  • diffused lighting, filtered by a material that softens the light flow.

Depending on the rooms in the house or the areas to be lit, it is important to match the luminous flux.

“Not all suspensions allow for a wide range of power, so shed some light on the issue before making your choice.”

the lights of a suspension
credit VietShopDesign

The chandeliers

Like the suspension, the chandelier is suspended from the ceiling but this one is more imposing and has several bulbs mounted on a central structure. Often associated with a classic and ancient decoration, the collective imagination makes the chandelier rhyme with pendants, crystal, and flame bulbs …

Chandeliers with a thousand sparkles

Suspended in the middle of a ceiling rose in the XVIIIth century style, the chandelier remains an iconic object and is available in all forms:

  • crown chandelier ;
  • chandelier with arms ;
  • cage chandelier; hot air balloon chandelier…

“The Venetian baroque is back in fashion, nothing like a chandelier with tassels to sublimate a large living room.”

the chandeliers
credit Roam interiors

The wall sconces

Like other interior lighting fixtures, wall sconces come in a multitude of styles: modern or vintage, indus or shaggy, cozy or classic. Installed mainly in bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways, wall sconces offer direct or indirect lighting depending on their configuration.

“Installed as a series in a large living room, or as a hotel bedside lamp next to a headboard, wall sconces are suitable for all interiors and all uses.”

the wall sconces
credit Horchow

Ceiling lights

Often preferred in rooms with low ceilings for their small footprint and in the bathroom. There are ceiling lights from the simplest to the most refined, from the classic white ceiling light, to the vintage ceiling light or the industrial ceiling light.

ceiling lights for interior lighting
credit Jonathan Browning Studios


Spotlights provide direct interior lighting that is appreciated for highlighting furniture, a defined area, or for lighting a work surface such as a desk. Installed as a wall lamp or recessed in a false ceiling for a more homogeneous lighting, spotlights can be found in all styles.

“A black steel or aged metal spotlight looks great in an industrial style living room.”

spotlights for interior lighting
credit Homary.com

Lighting ramps or rail lights

Resolutely modern, the lighting ramps offer direct or indirect lighting depending on their configuration. Very contemporary and design, the light generated can illuminate a kitchen worktop, a corridor, a dressing room or even a large room such as an XXL living room. Often adjustable and mobile on the ramp, the lamps can be installed according to your desires and lighting needs.

“Generally, track lights operate on very low voltage and require a transformer.”

interior lighting ramps or rail lights
credit Etsy

Table lamps

Ideal as accent interior lighting, the functionality and practicality of table lamps are well known and proven. Placed in a corner, on a piece of furniture or on a bedside table, the table lamp creates a soft and warm atmosphere.

“The table lamp is a good choice if you are looking for a soft and diffuse light source.”

table lamps for interior lighting
credit Lights.co.uk

The floor lamps

Floor lamps are lamps to be put on the ground, they are high in structure, of strong power, and able to illuminate a whole room by an indirect lighting. Often installed in a lounge, a large room or a large living room, floor lamps can be composed of a single foot or a tripod depending on the style borrowed: industrial, shaggy, Feng shui, Scandinavian …

“In order to be able to play on the luminous flux, the floor lamps are often accompanied by a dimmer, to be combined with a dimmable bulb.”

the floor lamps
credit Joli place

Ceiling fan with light

Aesthetically pleasing and effective in regions where summers are hot, the ceiling fan with light can both stir the air and light a room. Because the light and fan operate independently, this highly functional fixture can be controlled with a wall switch, pull cord or even a remote control.

The ceiling fan usually has several speeds, and the light in the center is usually equipped with a single bulb.

“Modern, colonial, or industrial style, the ceiling fan with light is ideal on summer evenings to cool down under a diffuse light.”

ceiling fan with light
credit Wayfair.com

The table lamp stand

Thin, wide, short or high, there are many types of table lamp bases. Depending on your needs, the place you want to light and the atmosphere you want to create, the lamp stand can be combined with an industrial or Edison style filament bulb, or even with an opaque white globe bulb.

“With a base in brass, epoxy metal, driftwood, sleek, or ceramic … there is a lamp stand for all interiors.”

the table lamp stand
credit Vakkerlight

Focus on the lampshade: the accessory that dresses up lamps

An element often associated with a table lamp when the bulb is not enough for decoration, a lampshade offers a soft and cozy atmosphere thanks to the subdued interior lighting it creates. Also compatible with hanging lamps, it is preferred in fabric for rooms such as a living room or a bedroom, and in plastic for the kitchen to facilitate its cleaning.

focus on the lampshade
credit 2modern

Which light fixture for a living room

The living room is the most complex room to light because it has several functions. If your living room is not a dining room, opt for indirect lighting or mood lighting to create a warm atmosphere while ensuring sufficient brightness. To do this, a floor lamp with a dimmer switch, or one or more table lamps judiciously placed will be perfect. You can also play with your furniture, your plants and the interior decoration by highlighting them with small adjustable spotlights.

“If your living room is also a dining room, it is highly recommended to install a light fixture with direct lighting above the table. A hanging light placed centrally and vertically will be perfect.”

light fixture for living room
credit 1stDips

Which light fixture for the kitchen

In the kitchen, no question of soft or diffuse light… Above your cooktop, your worktop, or the sink, it is necessary to favor a powerful direct light.

Recessed or track-mounted spotlights are very effective for interior lighting a small area, as is a pendant light above a kitchen island or table. A strip of LEDs judiciously installed under the high furniture can also illuminate the work surface of a kitchen.

“A kitchen requires functional lighting, which can be provided not by one but by several fixtures.”

light fixture for kitchen
credit My Scandinavian Home

Which light fixture for a room

A bedroom is a special room that should inspire tranquility, rest and calm. However, to perform daily tasks such as making the bed, cleaning, or putting away clothes, the room must also have good lighting. To do this, like the kitchen, you can opt for several light points that will each have a different purpose. A hanging lamp or a floor lamp to light the whole room, bedside lamps or small wall lamps to create a soft and serene atmosphere once in bed.

“If your room has a dressing room, it should have its own lighting, direct if possible, with spotlights on rails or lights integrated into the furniture.”

light fixture for a bedroom
credit Lucie Dolbec

Which light fixture for a hallway or stairs

A corridor is a place of passage par excellence. Depending on the rooms it serves, because we do not light in the same way an entrance hallway as a corridor serving the bedrooms, you have several lighting options: a high-powered suspension, a series of spotlights on rail or recessed, one or more wall lights … the choice is vast.

“Depending on the configuration of the house and the rooms they serve, staircases must have functional lighting.”

light fixture for a hallway or stairs
credit Westwing

Which light fixture for the bathroom

The regulations do not allow the installation of just any lighting in the bathroom for safety reasons. Indeed, the bathroom volumes govern the place of installation, but also the protection index of the luminaire to preserve it from humidity.

light fixture for the bathroom
credit Lustria

Choosing light bulbs for your fixtures

Choosing the type and design of your lighting is not enough! It is also necessary to equip it with an adapted and efficient bulb, both in luminous flux and energy saving. Choosing the right bulb is essential to get the desired light output.

interior lighting bulbs
credit coté maison

3 tips for choosing a lighting fixture

1.Vary the lighting in the room

No matter what the room, a single light source is not ideal. Think about everyday life and daily tasks. A strong, direct light as the main light and one or more diffused or indirect lights to set the mood and give you a break at the end of the day.

2.Adapt the luminous flux to the lighting needs

The most beautiful light fixture is useless if it is not equipped with a bulb with a luminous flux adapted to the need. Also think about energy savings and choose the least energy consuming bulb.

3.Combine the lighting with the decoration

Orient your choice towards a light that matches your decoration. Modern with modern, classic with classic, unless you want to intentionally create a heterogeneous decoration.

tips for choosing interior lighting
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