These 7 genius space saving ideas will make any size room work twice as hard

A bedroom is mainly used for sleeping, but due to a lack of space in the rest of the house or because we want to arrange it, we often want to save space. How to organize them without them taking up all the space? Here are 7 genius space saving ideas that, while playing with volumes and thanks to clever designs, allow you to store smartly and beautifully!

Create a niche

The niches are solutions that, besides of being trendy, bring storage around a bed. This multifunctional arrangement can also include lighting, such as spotlights in the upper part or wall lamps.

Tip: To save space, use shelves as bedside tables.

bedroom with storage space

Favor shallow storage units

Even a small bedroom can accommodate saving space, as long as you focus on height, not depth. The goal is to take advantage of the bedroom’s full height without encroaching on its volume. So install shallow storage units, such as wardrobes, keeping in mind that you’ll still need a minimum of 40 cm to arrange your stuff.

You have two options: invest in store-bought modules that you will adapt to the walls, at the risk of losing a few square centimeters, or entrust the custom design of your storage units to an interior designer who will optimize the configuration of your bedroom and perfectly meet your needs.

Tip: In addition, provide racks for items that need to be hung and install a shoe closet in the entrance.

bedroom with storage space

Take the high for saving space

We often underestimate the potential of volumes in their height. However, they contain space that is often unused! A podium can be created, as shown here, which will house numerous cupboards or drawers. The design of this space should be checked by a professional who will ensure that the whole can support the load of a bed.

Tip: Incorporate a sliding shelf to create an extra desk for space saving.

saving space ideas

Design intelligent partitions

In the case of small spaces, such as studios, combining a real sleeping area and storage can be a headache. If you have the possibility of installing a real bed that you want to separate from the rest of the room without losing light or the feeling of space, opt for clever partitions with integrated saving space.

If you go with a full-height bookcase, as shown here, the advantages are multiple: it will replace bedside tables and allow you to install lamps. You can also arrange books and store everyday useful items in decorative boxes. In addition, a piece of furniture allows light and the eye to circulate so as not to enclose the space too much.

You can’t bring yourself to give up your dressing room despite a reduced surface? Play on the double-sided aspect of a partition with integrated shelves to define a dressing area in your bedroom. You’ll need a storage unit with a depth of about 70 cm. On one side, you will be able to access your clothes, and on the other, to display your books and decorative accessories. Plan a passage of 80 to 90 cm wide to be able to turn around and have a comfortable distance to choose your things.

Tip: To avoid overloading the space and allow light to circulate, opt for closets and storage units that do not reach the ceiling.

dressing room

Opt for a multifunctional headboard

If the bedroom is large enough to separate the bed from the walls and position it in the middle of the room, it is really advisable to add a headboard. On the bed side, it will act as a bedside table, on the other, it can offer a combination of cupboards and drawers. A contemporary solution to replace the dresser.

dressing room

Optimize windowsills for saving space

The spaces under the windows are often lost because they are difficult to arrange. Finding a standard-sized piece of furniture that fits the height under the window and the desired depth can be a real headache! By opting for a custom design, which will adjust the depth of the closets according to the surface of the bedroom, you will gain precious storage space.

window with saving space

Install built-in closets

A large wall with integrated closets is a classic solution but remains effective if you have enough space. The risk is that this dressing room is visually suffocating, especially if it is not custom made. A tone-on-tone storage cabinet and light colors as well as full-height closets allow the fronts to be completely integrated with the rest of the room. To give it dynamism, you can opt for large vertical handles that will give rhythm to the whole or a nice set of paint. Think about custom-made dressing rooms for a perfectly adapted solution.

closet in bedroom