10 Tips For 2022 Decorating Trends : Materials, Styles, Colors

10 Tips For 2022 Decorating Trends : Materials, Styles, Colors

A pronounced taste for steel and raw materials, a bevy of organic shapes, a growing interest in recycled materials. Discover in the following paragraphs the 2022 decorating trends.

A growing desire for renewal seems to be the watchword in the world of decoration and design after two sad years without its great annual masses. The Salone del Mobile and the Salon Maison&Objet. Whether in Milan or Paris. The return of the major events of the decorating sphere in September proclaims loud and clear the urgent desire for novelty and the emergence of new trends. Because if 2022 announces the resistance of certain decorating trends such as organic forms or the need for softness in the interiors. Designers and brands agree more than ever to imagine the famous “world after” by seeking new ways to create more conscientious. But also by venturing to tame forms and materials more atypical.


Raw materials have a solid reputation


New obsessions of the season, the barely sculpted pieces of furniture give priority to their materiality. Side table in plaster. Decorative object in concrete or steel lamp seem to borrow the codes of an almost rudimentary vocabulary to better anchor themselves in modernity. Combined with curves that are sure without being sharp. The raw materials translate a new movement inclined to get rid of the superfluous. As if to stop a standardized and expedient system, today, true luxury lies in a concrete and sincere craft.

raw material white background


Design gets into recycling


Combining beauty and sustainability, functionality and responsibility. This is the virtuous approach of a new guard of design concerned with the environment. Between eco-design, claimed ethics and recycled materials. Contemporary designers try to react to a world of overconsumption that shows its limits a little more every day.

Recycled paper. Metal and plastic are at the top of the list of materials that have nothing to envy to their counterparts unfairly considered more noble.

recycle old furniture with sage green


The feet make their show in 2022 decorating trends 


The foot in decoration is an art! Long or solid, steel or wood, discreet or flashy, it doesn’t matter as long as it shows its true colors and frees itself from the rigors of the traditional number of four. For a few seasons now, the legs of furniture in the home have been attracting attention. More aesthetically pleasing than ever. They have become a detail of the utmost importance and guarantee a singular decor that is not afraid of the eye. A coffee table with a tripod base at Pols Potten. A sofa end with colonnade legs at Kristina Dam Studio or a desk with an elliptical base at Ferm Living confirm the emergence of this new king of contemporary decorating details.

2022 decorating trends


Steel revives the 90’s spirit


In 2022, the decorating world does not only draw its inspiration from the seventies. Another emblematic decade inspires the young guard of designers: the 90s and their affirmed taste for chic and cold materials at the same time.

Among them, steel is the best. As a small table lamp at Ferm Living or as a conical suspension or sofa structure at Kristina Dam Studio. Steel shows its talent to become iconic again and suggest new desires in terms of decoration. In the nineties, its use was intended to create a symbiosis between architecture and design (the famous vogue of industrial and raw New York lofts in the 90s). Its return to favor today is seen more as a rediscovery of raw materials such as concrete or glass. A renewal that is not to our displeasure…

the 90's spirit


The XXL suspension makes its mark on the ceiling


The traditional hanging lamp is taking its place and now sees things in a big way. A few years ago, the Vertigo by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture was already in the spotlight. Never out of fashion, it even set the trend in lighting. Rope or rattan version, colorful or preferring discreet shades, the suspension sees things in very, very big by presenting XXL dimensions. An ideal model to flood a dining room table with light or to create a sensation in the living room.

kitchen with 2022 decorating trends


The boudin shape triumphs over the seats


Following the pandemic, interiors have wallowed in the trend of all-round comfort. Sofas, armchairs, ottomans and other living room furniture have taken on pebble or tube shapes in response to the sudden need to summon up soft shapes for everyday life. A trend destined to continue in 2022 with the resurgence of a piece that can only charm, even amuse: a seat sublimated by a wrap-around back in the shape of a boudin.

Yes, yes boudin you read correctly. Imagine a seat with a backrest that has cheerfully copied the flagship costume of the Bidendum man and you have the star piece of furniture of this fall. Young and established brands alike are adopting this seat model with its comfortable and original curves, impossible to miss!

The boudin shape triumphs over the seats


The travertine makes its way


After experiencing a renaissance in the 1970s. Travertine had since been confined to its role as a tile covering for our floors. Today, its small randomly distributed cavities. Its veins and its signature texture are enjoying such a resurgence of interest that it would even eclipse the indestructible marble. White when pure, tending towards yellow, grey, red or brown depending on the impurities it contains. Travertine is becoming an inexhaustible and formidable playground for those who decide to rehabilitate it.

red sofa in 2022 decorating trends


The mix & match of colors creates an arty touch


The colors are back in service in the interiors. If some of them are particularly popular on their own – such as Klein blue and forest green – . Others prefer the idea of making a big impact but in a happy troop. Not choosing is a lot of fun! This seems to be the credo of several decorative objects and furniture that are adorned with a demanding mix & match of colors and dare a seductive parallel with the creative palette of the painter.

The mix & match of colors creates an arty touch


Organic forms are a real 2022 decorating trends


If the objects with a totemic appearance have largely imposed themselves in the decor. The sinuous forms inherited from nature are tracing a new furrow. Taking the opposite side of a stoic linearity a little overused. The novelties of the season question the spatial and aesthetic conventions to provoke an intuitive conversation between space and usual furniture, without ever getting rid of their utilitarian status. The small and large objects thus display a sculptural and irregular appearance highlighting the most popular materials of the moment.

Organic forms are a real 2022 decorating trends


The Klein blue is a real eye-catcher


A haunting monochrome for its creator, Klein blue remains one of the most fascinating colors in pictorial art. Seventy years after its creation, designers still make no mistake when they use it. More striking and contemporary than ever. This powdery, saturated ultramarine blue overturns the ubiquitous organic color palette to imbue rooms with a magnetic and wildly seductive allure. Seen on small Broste Copenhagen objects or large furniture & tradition, the klein blue intends to electrify the year 2022.

The Klein blue is a real eye-catcher color palette