5 ideas to adopt the maximalist style in your home

5 ideas to adopt the maximalist style in your home

Does the minimalist decoration come out of your eyes? And you want to try something else! What about adopting the maximalist style, who is starting to make its place in decoration catalogues. Highlight the objects you love: antiques, collections, vintage, knick-knacks, books, frames, etc. You can finally give free rein to your desires and creativity! Zoom in on 5 decorating ideas to create a maximalist interior!


1.Floor-to-ceiling frames to dress the walls


A successful maximalist decoration requires the installation of a large number of frames. From floor to ceiling, they must flood the room and your walls. Intertwine portraits, landscapes, mirrors, posters with frames of different sizes, shapes and materials. Browse flea markets and yard sales to find authentic and inexpensive frames.

Floor-to-ceiling frames to dress the walls


2.An uncomplicated kitchen that we love


In the kitchen, everything must be in view. To hell with the closed cupboards for your beautiful dishes. From now on, the kitchen is completely uncluttered. You leave the spices in plain sight, hang the utensils on the wall, and store the dishes in showcases or a china cabinet!

kitchen with maximalist style


3.Display your favorite objects: a curiosity cabinet at home


A maximalist interior is a real museum. If you don’t like to throw things away but, on the contrary, like to keep everything, this trend is for you. Do you love collect antique objects? With this decoration, expose them as you wish. On shelves, in showcases, on furniture: sculptures, houseplants, typewriters, books and all kinds of knick-knacks will find their perfect place.

A real cabinet of curiosity


4.Printed wallpaper: kitsch walls as you wish


If there is a good decorative touch that makes its little effect, it is the choice of wallpaper. For a maximalist decoration, we prefer wallpaper with vintage, kitsch and old-fashioned patterns. It gives an old-fashioned look to the room. Wallpaper a section of wall in the living room, it will highlight your furniture:

  • Sofa,
  • Armchair,
  • Coffee table.

Printed wallpaper in home office


5.Mixing styles: no more rules for mixing patterns & colors


A cheerful bazaar, a bric-a-brac, the maximalist style mixes styles. Ancient or contemporary: patterns, colors, there are no real rules anymore. Let the gipsy decor coexist in the same room with luxurious objects or even industrial decor. Dare to mix geometric shapes on a carpet with a floral print sofa to surprise and break the codes.

living room with maximalist style