What are Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 decorating trends to follow?

What are Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 decorating trends to follow?

Warm or comforting tones, cabin spirit, natural textiles, carpets and cushions with a bohemian spirit… decorating finds its balance in nature, and so do we. Discover with us Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 decorating trends.


Cabin spirit and new warm tones for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


With the health crisis. The obsession with apartments that look more like a vacation home than a place to just (over) live during the year, is now in the DNA of new decorating collections.

So, this Winter, in response to this changing societal need, but also to the seasonal lack of light, we observe an interior design in harmony with nature. In terms of anti-blues colors, we note amber honey, fir green or greige. On the other hand, warm colors such as spicy yellow, wine or terracotta will bring a good dose of comfort.

Cabin spirit and new warm tones for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Borrowing from rustic references (benches and minimalist shelves in light wood), but also textiles with bohemian prints (textured cushions, Berber rugs). We particularly melt for the expression of this nature trend in a spirit of vacation cabin.

Cabin spirit and new warm tones for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Boosted, this season in particular, by new references such as seats with a 70’s design or a coral branch lamp inspired by the ocean, this cozy, authentic and contemporary neo-nest style could well inspire our apartment all year long.

coral branch lamp inspired by the ocean


Carpet Party for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Always with the objective of concocting a soft home for the Winter, the modular card of the accumulation of wool rugs, in organic tones and modern styles, is still very trendy this Autumn 2021. Nothing new under the sun when it comes to decorating, you might say: but who doesn’t dream of spending Sunday rolling their bare feet on a floor of intense softness?

grey carpet


Cushions and plaids, guests of the Autumn


On the sofa, this time, don’t forget to put a new plaid and multiple cushions in the same tones as those of the floor, to spread a nice cozy atmosphere. Do you like contrasts and are you in love with blue? Create a surprise in your home and throw in an azure or even pastel blue cushion (yes, even in Winter) to boost the charm of the living room and bring back some sweet memories of sea spray perfumes.

Cushions and plaids, guests of the Autumn


Trend of natural materials


Hanging lamps, furniture, small objects… To our great pleasure, and for several years now, rattan, bamboo and cane – all the woven fibers in short – have proven to be the undisputed stars of decoration. To accompany these natural materials, we find, on the textile side, still massively curly wool, linen, but also cotton and hemp. An atmosphere of the trendy Ibiza concept store: Casa Bedouin, but at home.

Trend of natural materials for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Green kitchen for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Stealthy summer and intense need for nature make green color trendy in many gradations from pale green, to fir green through fluo and khaki. All the stages of photosynthesis are live in the kitchen this Autumn-Winter 2021-2022. Refreshing!

green kitchen


Chalet decoration for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Raw or black wood, ashy tones, warm textiles, organic shapes, curly wool… One thing is certain, the decor is an ode to the mountain spirit, but also to its brother influence, the Scandinavian style. The result evokes an air of ski resort apartment rental. Serene and authentic.

chalet decoration for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Home office sweet home office


As the memo signals a return to the office, the work space at home is getting reorganized. If you don’t have a real workroom, do you need that desk in the living room as much? Is it possible to find another place for that pile of books and stuff you’ve been accumulating for months? Decoration offers a host of options to tidy up the work life that tends to take up too much space in your home sweet home. Japanese minimalist inspired storage or mid-century American modern, the choice is yours!

home office


Avalanche of rounds in the house


Already present for a year, the curves do not stop making waves in our interiors. Sofas, lights, tables … the round is visible throughout the house and signs a revival of the 70s. If it is associated with wood, the rounded shapes, moving or imitating waves are infatuated with teak or oak in raw treatments. A touch of psychedelia.

Sofas, lights, tables for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


Wave of recovery for Autumn -Winter 2021-2022


For autumn-winter 2021-2022 decorating trends. Environmental and economic concerns are also part of the interior. They are reflected in the rise of objects sold second hand which sometimes allow upcycling or customization. The craze for flea markets, flea markets or specialized websites does not weaken. But be careful not to fall into the maximalist trend that plays the card of extreme accumulation of decoration. Unless you like it!

Wave of recovery