Cute interior design: 4 tips to adopt the Japanese trend Kawaii decoration

Cute interior design: 4 tips to adopt the Japanese trend Kawaii decoration

Kawaii culture derives from the same Japanese adjective meaning cute. And refers to anything that can be touching, soft and tender. Born in Japan in the 1970s in response to the rigid post-war regime, this phenomenon, however, quickly crossed borders and also conquered the West in many fields such as fashion, but also design. Indeed, kawaii decoration has become a real trend. If you want to bring a cute interior design to your home in no time, follow these few kawaii decorating tips.


The choice of colors for a successful cute interior design


For a cute interior design. Colors are an essential point not to be neglected and can define a cheerful atmosphere in your home. The kawaii decoration is characterized by the use of pastel colors that you can also match with much brighter colors. From candy pink to light yellow through blue. You have a lot of choice if you dare to repaint your walls. To dress your walls with more softness, you can opt for the pastel version of these colors which will be more adapted. If, on the other hand, you prefer to keep a white color on your walls. You can simply add touches of color in your decorative elements, by choosing colored furniture for example.

cute frame whith cute colors

kitchen with cute interior design


Who says cute interior design also says mascots


Mascots are omnipresent in the kawaii decoration and are strongly used as real means of communication by Japanese companies and prefectures. These characters often have the same aesthetic characteristics, namely a round head, large eyes and a small nose. The most famous of them is Hello Kitty, this small cat with rounded and endearing features, which was created in 1974 and quickly gained worldwide fame. However, many characters can adopt a kawaii aesthetic and easily slip into your decoration in the form of figurines or stuffed animals. This is a good excuse to fall back into childhood… Let yourself be tempted by animals or even unicorns. Ice creams or kawaii cacti which will plunge you directly into a very cute atmosphere.

cute mascots


Cute interior design: accessories in abundance


For a cute interior design worthy of the name, we go for the accessories without skimping on quantity. On the contrary… the more the better! First of all, you can simply choose cushion covers or cute carpets with prints… kawaii of course. A more classic option can be the selection of frames and posters of these adorable little mascots to display on the walls to brighten up your atmosphere. Your lamp posts, mirrors and vases can also easily take on the aesthetic traits of this style if you choose them in pastel colors.

And last but not least. We don’t leave details out. So you can also fill your kitchen cupboards with cups, gourds or toast boxes with kawaii inspiration. This way, your decoration will be in the kawaii spirit down to the smallest detail. The only thing missing are the Japanese chopsticks so that your home will become a true temple of Kawaii decoration!

a cute save paper

a cute socket cover

a cute night light in cute interior design


The cute decoration invites itself in your room


To give cheerfulness to your interior, everything is allowed, so why not give your room a makeover? The decoration of a cute room is certainly unexpected, but will be very original and whimsical! Slide in a corner of the room a rounded armchair, which will recall the touching shapes of the kawaii characters. Or dare to hang a mirror in the shape of a unicorn for more originality. We also say goodbye to the neutral comforter cover to welcome with open arms a brightly colored or kawaii patterned cover. A smile will be guaranteed from the moment you wake up thanks to these few changes!

cute bedroom in cute interior design