Decoration trends that will be all the rage in 2021

Decoration trends that will be all the rage in 2021

What are the major trends for 2021? Between a certain minimalism and the desire to turn towards nature and natural materials, this new year will mark a change in the world of decoration. If you can’t wait to discover all the inspirations that will punctuate 2021, it’s here! Here are all decoration trends to follow very closely.


Curly Wool Invests Interiors


After warming up our wardrobe, the curly wool wraps the furniture. This fluffy and comforting material, reminiscent of sheepskin, has discreetly invited itself into our interiors in 2020 to assert itself as winter approaches. Cocooning and sensorial, curly wool, especially if it is immaculate, sublimates the furniture in which it is good to curl up. It invests armchairs, sofas, benches and other seating, finding the compromise between comfort and sophistication.

Curly Wool Invests Interiors in trends 2021


trends 2021: The khaki reveals itself


To know the color of the year 2021 which will succeed the Classic Blue, it will be necessary to wait a little more. But one thing is certain, khaki is already making a lot of noise. Omnipresent in the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 collections, this shade will bring an indispensable vegetal touch once summer is over. It is a stylish addition to armchairs, bed linens and walls.

The khaki reveals itself in bedroom


The furniture is rounded off in 2021


The decoration will favor curves that soften the volumes. Furniture is in search of softness this year. Exit the right angles, we bet on the rounded lines, which have the advantage of facilitating the passage in small spaces. The sofas use the same codes and display sensual shapes that are meant to envelop. What could be more comfortable to appreciate the moments you take for yourself, to refocus or relax?

living room with  round furniture


Sculptural forms impose themselves


In 2021, the design is seduced by sculptural forms. An ideal trend to bring a contemporary touch to the home. Disregarding their primary purpose, vases, lamps and other pedestals are transformed into totemic sculptures to play the works of art in our decor.

Sculptural forms impose themselves in trends 2021


trends 2021: Velvet, again and always


Velvet is well on its way to becoming a timeless decoration item. As beautiful to admire as it is pleasant to touch, it is both chic and comforting, which makes it a great ally in our interiors. Perfect to warm the atmosphere, velvet is put in the spotlight in the living room, on sofas and armchairs. This winter, we go further in the trend by betting on velvet corduroy, the striated variant of the textile, just as stylish.

living room with Velvet color


The slow deco does not slow down


The confinement and crisis of Covid-19 allowed the slow deco to make its return home. Slow down, purify its decoration, buy less but better, privilege craftsmanship and second hand… These desires and awareness seem to be gone to be much more than just a trend. This responsible and sustainable decoration is a real invitation to relaxation and well-being.

home with slow decoration in trends 2021


trends 2021: Natural materials


The craze for rattan, rush or caning is not about to run out of steam. A charming asset in a house, natural materials are part of the slow movement and rhyme decoration and environment. Not too much is needed, the right measure is to be found to adopt them in an elegant way. A few wicker baskets hung on the walls, an armchair with contemporary lines in rattan, a braided suspension above the table or carpets in plant fibers are enough to create a peaceful interior.

trends 2021: Natural materials


The minimalism of Face Line Art


If the curves of the female body are clearly emancipated in our sets, the human face is nevertheless neglected by artists. While the face decoration seduced us in 2020, it is coming back in a minimalist version. This is the trend of Face Line Art, in other words, drawings of faces and people limited to a few very simple features. We find it on vases, cushions or wall posters, and we love it!

The minimalism of Face Line Art


Ceramics is becoming trendy


In the “slow deco” movement, ceramics is imposing itself as a return to its roots and authenticity. Crockery, pots, vases, pitchers and other trinkets are seduced by its charm and irregularity.

Ceramics is becoming trendy