Seduce your spouse with this wonderful Hamptons interiors decoration

Seduce your spouse with this wonderful Hamptons interiors decoration

Located west of Long Island in the state of New York, the Hamptons are the preferred place for Americans to get away from the frenzy of the city during their vacations. The Hamptons embody a way of life, a dream, notably through gigantic houses with impressive architecture and dimensions. That’s why, today, our goal will be to immerse you in this dream while delivering a host of Hamptons interiors decorating ideas to put in place at home.

Hamptons interiors from floor to ceiling, from the entrance to the bedroom

Hamptons interiors from floor to ceiling, from the entrance to the bedroom

To invite the Hamptons into your home, we start with the entrance hall of course! The stately wooden staircase plays an essential role in this. And as you are probably aware, each staircase creates a different effect depending on its design, shape and placement inside. Details such as the material of the handrail, the riserless treads and the wooden railing. For example, add elegance to the overall design and can turn this functional element into a sculptural eye-catcher.

wooden staircase

After the staircase, let’s move on to the other must-have for the decor in question: the chandelier. The more solid and flashy it is, the more successful your Hamptons atmosphere will be. Finally, the colors that enhance your walls should vary in the light range. If you want to give height to your hall, opt for a darker ceiling color, say two or three shades below that of your walls.

the chandelier

Hamptons interiors: ground side

As for the floor of your entrance, living room or bedroom, here we prefer parquet, imitation parquet tiles or lino. And to keep the concept while retaining the light in the room, again we bet on light colors, even natural. And in this context, for your floor, it will be preferable to opt for light oak, ceruse or gray.

From the entrance to the living room

When it comes to a Hamptons living room. We always stay in the natural concept: light or pastel shades, wood, handcrafted objects and lots of light. However, you can easily give a good dose of extravagance to the whole by adding a few touches of deep blue. On the walls, on the floor or even through the elements of decoration, blue blends with each material or texture in a subtle and punctual way. To enhance it, don’t forget to add some flowers and vases.

As we have just mentioned, one of the essentials of the Hamptons interiors is, of course, the lighting atmosphere. That’s why we pay special attention to lighting. Vertiginous, solid and trendy, the lights adapted to this type of decoration are very close to the industrial style.

living room with hamptons interiors

The Hamptons spirit in your home

To adorn the heart of your interior with a decoration inspired by the Hamptons interiors. We turn to wood and white enhanced by a few blue touches. Of course, industrial-style chandeliers will always be welcome above the central island whose worktop will be adorned with wood or marble.

white kitchen

The Hamptons decor invades the room

For the decoration of your cozy bedroom, we always prefer natural materials, clear and playing with light, such as sea rush on the floor, cotton decorating the windows and silk covering the bed. And to further boost the cocooning atmosphere in the room, we opt again for the navy blue color and we adopt it through the decorative objects. In terms of lighting, you can either go for the industrial style again, or go for a baroque type of light fixture like the one placed in the living room below.

The Hamptons decor invades the bedroom

Baroque lighting and woven materials for a chic and natural effect

living room

Hamptons interiors ideas

Hamptons interiors ideas
kitchen with Hamptons style
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Hamptons interiors ideas
Hamptons interiors ideas