How to succeed a mix and match decoration ( materials)

How to succeed a mix and match decoration ( materials)

The mix and match trend is made for those who are undecided about the decor or those who can’t choose between several styles they like. Let’s mix and match! This is the solution to mix and match and it’s perfect because it’s perfectly trendy.


Chairs of different sizes

As a rule, chairs are bought in batches. Except that when you want to change them, you buy them all back, and the old ones often end up in the cellar, if they are not sold. But to avoid over-consumption and in a minimalist spirit, the best thing to do is to recycle and sell only those we really don’t like anymore. Besides, it’s very much in the age of time and it fits in with the mix and match fashion. Even if our chairs are not coordinated, they can still fit together. And give the dining room an offbeat but above all convivial atmosphere.

Chairs of different sizes in mix and match decoration


Wood goes with… everything!

There are of course different types of wood, but the good news is that while we like this material, it adapts to all styles and all other surrounding materials. The colors – when they are natural – depend on the tree being worked on: they are varied and more or less smooth or more or less ribbed.

  • Light-colored woods: with a decoration that relies on textiles, lots of cushions, thick curtains, plaids and different carpets for a mix and match of patterns. Avoid materials such as iron or steel – for the coffee table, for example – which can cool down the general atmosphere of the room. White or shades of green are great. Finally, the marble that covers your decorative pieces will stand out better with light woods.
  • Dark woods: they provide warmth and comfort to the room. To be matched with materials such as copper and brass, for their brilliance. Alternatively, metal or iron with dark wood for an industrial style. If you don’t do a little mix and match, dark wood alone can make your living space very austere.
  • Woods with each other: sparingly. Unless you like bohemian or cottage style.

Wood goes with everything in mix and match decoration

Anything that shines

Aluminum, brass, copper… three materials that can be easily combined thanks to their common shine. This mix and match is suitable for many styles: from art deco to pure design, through the vegetal ambience – to counterbalance. Adding touches of silver, gold or copper to a room gives it a chic sobriety.

Anything that shines in mix and match decoration

Let’s play with marble

Ultra chic, marble is gradually becoming more democratic. We see it appearing more and more in the new collections of major brands. If we use it for mix and match, the best is to break the effect of marble by using more industrial materials or by associating it with thick textiles. Another original idea is to invite it to the side table.

table marble in mix and match decoration