How to succeed a mix and match decoration (style)

How to succeed a mix and match decoration (style)

The mix and match trend is made for those who are undecided about the decor or those who can’t choose between several styles they like. Let’s mix and match! This is the solution to mix and match and it’s perfect because it’s perfectly trendy.


Green meets iron 

The trend towards vegetarianism is confirmed as much as that of industrial style. And that’s a good thing because the two combine well: plants give industrial materials such as iron or metal a natural look. The result is an interior that is pleasant to live in, relaxing and urban. What’s more, shades of green go well with brown or black.


The old and the new

One can love antique furniture, while also being fond of pop or newly created colors. Conversely, you can love retro wallpapers – which are making a big comeback – with contemporary furniture. The timeless and the trend of the moment blend together. This is a mix and match of styles that will suit the most discerning decorators and design enthusiasts through the ages.

the old and the new style in decoration

Scandinavian and ethnic

The mix of purified style and ethnicity has a name: ethnic chic. The walls are sober, comfort reigns supreme, but a few touches of geometric patterns subtly transform the room. Thus, cushions, Mexican plaids, Berber carpets, wall decorations such as dream catchers, will be dressed in African, Latin or Oriental fashion, depending on the ethnic style you wish to adopt.

scandinavian and ethnic style in mix and match

Jungle and art deco

These two styles with strong personalities were made to meet each other! Intense green not only suits the tropical accents of jungle style, but also the chic pomp of art deco. Also the brass, which is often found in art deco, blends very well with plant hues. Finally, both styles do not skimp on large format designs. Here’s a little tip to help everyone find their place: choose wallpaper in arty shapes and colors accompanied by large potted plants.

Jungle and art decoration in mix and match style