Dare old decorative items in a modern decoration

Dare old decorative items in a modern decoration

Decoration contributes to your personal development. It also underlines the links between the different generations. You often don’t know how to show off the furniture and objects that belonged to grandma. They end up in a storage room or at a garage sales, Vintage or in other words old decoration has become a fashionable and sustainable trend. Marrying eras is a new source of inspiration. You can then bring out your old items. However, following a clear guideline is still necessary.


old decoration: Adopt the Right Attitude


Mixing old and modern style starts with the right attitude. Knowing how to highlight the specificities of your home and harmonize the whole. Modern furniture will give cachet to an old house. Moreover, a white tone will underline the presence of moldings on the ceiling.

If you live in a new home, old furniture will warm up the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is important to choose them according to the size of the rooms. Placing a large monastery table in a small room will ruin the balance and limit your freedom of movement.

In short, before starting the layout, you make an inventory based on size, colors or materials.


Establish visual harmony while respecting proportions:


The success of a decoration starts with the respect of proportions. The rule is simple, you will place items of similar size side by side. The transition between eras will be smooth. On the other hand, placing a small piece of furniture next to a big one will break the harmony within the room.

Take into account the dimensions of an object before deciding where to place it. If you wish to highlight an imposing piece of furniture, you must clear the space around it by reducing the decoration as much as possible. In the same logic, an old painting and its gilding will stand out on a white background.

Whatever the room, keeping the balance is essential.

adopt the vitage decoration in your home


old decoration: Change colors if necessary


After a first sorting, you have selected some well-preserved furniture, their condition is impeccable. You already know how to use them and where to place them. However, you dislike certain colors. Instead of abandoning your idea, you can repaint the concerned objects. Choose a bright and cheerful tone. The contrast between classic and modern will be striking.

The reverse approach is also valid. Materials such as marble, glass and aluminum are sometimes too “cold”. You can personalize them with a good dose of warmth. The right tone will help you achieve your goal.

mix old and modern style in decoration


Exploiting materials properly is essential:


You own several objects made from different materials: metal, plastic, concrete, wood, bamboo, vegetable fiber…Well exploited, the contrast between these items will bring a unique touch to your decoration.

Another method consists in proposing the same material under different facets. For example, you will find matt, shiny or brushed aluminum on the market. If we stay with the same theme, products made of silver metal or stainless steel are also numerous.


Uniformity of color, a simple and effective trick:


Marrying eras and styles become easier when the objects are the same color. Do you have an old piece of furniture that can be used as a bedside table? All you have to do is find a modern lamp with the same tone. Available in several colors, items made ceramic will make your choice easier.


Take your time, be faithful to yourself:


The decoration reflects your personality and above all, “Rome was not built in a day”. You can add the elements in small touches. The aim is to build a bridge between the past and the future.

You will give a second life to your knick-knacks, furniture and decorative objects. You will also find your happiness at garage sales, flea markets and home shows. Finally, the DIY is a proven solution. Tutorials are numerous and you will exploit your hidden talents.