Trend: the checkerboard dresses your interiors!

Trend: the checkerboard dresses your interiors!

We have seen him invite himself into fashion trends, invade textiles and squat on the catwalks. Of course, it was only a matter of time before black and white tiles made their comeback in decoration. Good news, it’s done, the checkerboard pattern appears on floors and walls alike, and we love it!


What’s the checkerboard?


The checkerboard pattern is a regular alternation of squares of two colors. In theory, it can exist in any color, but its most striking illustration is none other than the black and white a checkers board… and by extension, the most common checkerboard pattern is therefore an alternation of black and white squares. Which can be used with skewed or aligned squares, for a more regular or dynamic effect!

checkerboard in the kitchen


And in decoration? The best known application of the checkerboard pattern in decoration is on floor coverings, especially tiles, where the tiles lend themselves ideally to the pattern. Modern floor coverings use it on equally elegant but often cheaper PVC floors. And wall tiles also offer beautiful variations!

open kitchen to the living room


Where should we put it, the checkerboard pattern?


A floor covering, all right, but in which room? Honestly, it’s all a matter of taste, since the checkerboard pattern can be adapted to any ambience. In the kitchen, it’s perfect as a credenza or floor tile. In a hallway, it is unstoppable on the floor to awaken white walls that are a little too dull. The living room, it stands out again as a floor covering, just like in the bathroom where it energizes the space and the green plants!

a big kitchen with checkerboard pattern


If we had to retain a rule, it would be to control the effect of the black and white contrast: in a sleeping room, one opts rather for the checkerboard pattern in cushions, sheets or carpets, to avoid a decoration too strong and not really restful. If the bathroom is small, an accent wall will be more effective than an all-over. And in a large room such as the living room, on the other hand, covering the entire floor can hurt your eyes… while the checkerboard is ultra-design when combined with other floor coverings, from parquet to plain tiles, for a very successful faux carpet!



The right chords for the checkerboard trend


Since the checkerboard pattern is one that does not go unnoticed, we go easy on the decoration. It’s not necessarily a question of darkening the minimalist white, rather of avoiding overloading with massive furniture or heavy shapes. Shall we summarize? The Scandinavian style fits perfectly with a checkerboard floor, just like a contemporary style with a touch of industrial. It is just as capable of modernizing a retro chic atmosphere or a jungle decoration.

bathroom with checkerboard floor


On the materials side, the pattern works wonders with a vegetalized decoration and a nice dose of green potted plants, since the natural atmosphere softens the black and white contrast… same topo for natural materials, from the carpet in sea rush to the wooden furniture. And for a more refined note, we bet on gold or copper metal, the secret of the chic checkerboard! More unexpectedly, the play of lines with a white metro tile also make their little effect.


As for the colors? The revisited checkerboard can play it contemporary black and white if it is warmed up with gold metal. But most trends combine it with vibrant hues to break up the two-tone duet, whether it’s plant green, peacock blue, mustard yellow or fuchsia pink. And the deco effect also works with pastel shades to soften the mood, from mint green to soft pink.

living room


Delimit the space with checkerboard tile


In the house, the checkerboard tile is ideal to delimit the space. Indeed, if you have an open kitchen, this type of flooring allows you to delineate areas easily. Moreover, it contrasts wonderfully with a wooden floor, a resin floor or waxed concrete. Thus, you fall for checkerboard tiles in the kitchen!

bathroom with checkerboard decoration


How to position the checkerboard tile?


Checkerboard tiles allow for a visual enlargement of the space, which is why they are often used in small rooms. But did you know that, depending on its positioning, it allows you to play with the effect of perspective? In a narrow and long space, it is placed diagonally for a successful perspective!

a small kitchen