What’s 2020 decoration trend for a warm and unique interior?

What’s 2020 decoration trend for a warm and unique interior?

To give taste to this new year, redecorating your interior is a key step. Feeling at home is essential, and these few ideas at the cutting edge of style can give character to an interior. This new decade will be nothing but positive waves. Find your 2020 decoration trend here.


The natural materials


Nature invites itself into our interior and brings simplicity to the room. This trend is particularly present in the living room. Natural materials such as rattan, wicker, light wood or linen will envelop you in a pure universe.

living room with the natural materials, decoration, interior design, home.


The tripod objects


Even if it’s a new year, the decoration is always inspired from the past. Furniture and decorative objects with tripod-shaped legs enrich a room by adding a vintage touch. Leave the bad waves and the fourth foot in 2019, maintaining elegance and simplicity.

two tables with tripod shape to put in living room, home, decoration, interior design.


The curves


Tables, sofas, carpets… All the elements adopt a rounded shape for this new year. Angles give way to curves that soften the room. We love this artistic and ultra-modern trend.

living room with curves sofa, decoration, interior design, home.


The XL tiles


Choose a big decor for a big year. Wide tiles create a chic and contemporary atmosphere throughout the room, effortlessly.

decor with wide tiles for a chic home, decoration, interior design.


The new Scandinavian


The new Scandinavian style is more colorful than the one we have used to see. It offers a warm and cozy atmosphere by mixing textures and materials, which makes it much less minimalist.

living room with the scandinavian style, decoration, interior design, home.


Low armchairs


In 2020, we are raising our standards, but lowering our chairs. Perfect for the living room or the garden, low armchairs bring a relaxed and cozy attitude. Their shape adapts to every style without losing any comfort. Imagine lying down with a good book, in the shade of a palm tree or in front of the fire.

trend 2020 with law armchairs, decoration, home, interior design.


African inspirations


Inspired by the vibrant style of Africa with its natural textures and neo graphic patterns, this trend in the 2020 decor adds personality to the room. Although these objects are exceptional, they are neither too feminine nor too masculine.

african style in your house, trend 2020, home, decoration, interior design.


Repainted floors


Either on parquet or tiles, painting the floor is a fairly easy and effective way to express your individuality, the rule of the game for the new decade. In your 2020 decor make your own design, or dare for a single color like black.

trend 2020 with repainted floors, interior design, decoration, home.




It is 2020; it is time to banish the phrase “less is more”. This trend allows for maximum self-expression.  Wallpaper, patterned sofa – maximalist knows no limits. We prefer rooms that tell a story.

the maximaliste style is trend of 2020, decoration, home, interior design.


Mix and match


The best trend in 2020 decoration? The mix and match. This year, you don’t have to choose a single theme. Indulge yourself by showing all aspects of your personality. A mix of styles and trends enriches every room. We advise you to define a color palette so that the mix of styles is not shocking.

mox and match in trend 2020