Valentine’s Day 2023 decoration: How to turn the house into a romantic paradise with DIY ideas?

It’s time to put on your rose-colored glasses! There are only a few days left until the most romantic holiday of the year, so it’s time to search and find some ideas for home decor. Pink, red or absolutely cocooning with neutral tones and lots of candles, here are our ideas to create your own little romantic paradise with a 2023 Valentine’s Day decoration! Let’s go !

Do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day decoration 2023 to spend a romantic holiday

If you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day at home again this year – whether it’s between you and your sweetheart or with a small group of friends safely together, we invite you to check out our decorating ideas below. It’s a small gesture that will only take a few minutes, but will have a huge impact on your mood. We need to find a little happiness in every day, which is why we’re going to create it! Not only because we love this holiday, but also because we deserve it! So choose your favorite ideas or combine them all, it’s up to you. The most important thing is to feel happy and relaxed.

valentine's day decoration door

Decorate the table for the Valentine’s Day

You don’t need much to create a romantic and festive table decoration. You don’t even need to buy expensive party supplies. Here are some ideas you can use to surprise your lover or friends:

  • Cut out little hearts from red cardboard. Be clever and reuse what you have around the house, like leftover Christmas wrapping paper or an empty box of candy or treats. Spread them around the table;
  • If you don’t have red cardstock, use a sheet of white paper. Cut out hearts and place red kisses on them. You can also write quotes or cute words;
  • Have red candy for dessert and use it as a table decoration during dinner.
  • Creatively fold a few red napkins and place them on everyone’s plate;
  • Break out the LED Christmas lights and place them in the center of the table to create a festive yet casual atmosphere;
  • Collect all the small red or pink items from your memory boxes and place them as decorations on the table. It can be a piece of jewelry, stones, king’s cake figurines, an adaptable Christmas decoration, dried flowers;
  • Use your red nail polish to paint stones or shells.
valentine's day table decoration
valentine table decoration

Prepare the menu for the Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day menu isn’t too difficult to prepare either. Since this year 2023 the holiday falls on Tuesday, you probably won’t have time to prepare a big dinner. So you can prepare a charcuterie platter and buy a bottle of good red wine. Here are some other options you can enjoy:

  • Prepare muffins from the day before and decorate them with red cardboard hearts;
  • Make dough for Pinsa Romana the day before and bake it on Tuesday 14. You can make the Roman pizza heart-shaped instead of oval;
  • Prepare red cocktails;
  • A few baguettes in combination with homemade spreads, olives and a tray of crudities are all you need for a light dinner.
valentine's day menu
valentine's day menu

Valentine’s Day gift 2023

Use Valentine’s Day gifts as decorations for the party and open them after dinner. This will create a romantic atmosphere and keep your curiosity alive during the evening. If you are an impatient person, wrap some empty boxes in thematic paper and decorate the house with it.

A cute and sentimental gift can be to place red envelopes around the house. You can fill them with pictures of your travels in 2022, with beautiful quotes, with promises you will fulfill during the year, or with personal coupons (example: I will clean the house every time you give me this coupon). Another idea is to write instructions for finding the next envelope. In the last envelope, put your gift (vacation reservation, jewelry, SPA treatment, etc.).

valentine's day gift
valentine's day gift