What color should I choose for my bathroom?

Contrary to other rooms in the house where it can be difficult to be creative without fear of a decorative misstep, in the bathroom you can let your imagination run free and choose the colors you like. Your aging bathroom is no longer to your liking? It’s time to add a little color: our specialists will help you make the right choice so that you won’t have any regrets later on… How do I choose the color of my bathroom? What are the different colors and associations possible? Decrypting in the article.

How to choose the color of my bathroom?

When playing with colors, there can be many pitfalls and it is easy to make mistakes that you will regret later. So, it is advisable to think carefully about your desires but also about the configuration of the room before making your decision. How to make the right choice of colors for your bathroom? Discover our advice.

Choose a color according to the orientation of the room and the luminosity

Many bathrooms do not have an opening to the outside. Just like a north-facing room that doesn’t get much light, it’s important to bring in as much light as possible. It is therefore necessary to bet on light colors that reflect more light.

Nevertheless, do not bet on colors too cold, which will give an impression of confinement. Instead, opt for warm colors.

For a bathroom open to the outside and facing south on the other hand, cooler colors are allowed and create an impression of freshness and space in the room.

Choose a color according to the orientation of the room and the luminosity

Choose a color according to the size of the room

As with decorating, the size of the room also matters a lot when it comes to choosing colors! Even if the bathroom is often the playground of the creative, it is however necessary to take into account the space constraints in order to optimize its volumes.

For a small bathroom, despite the eccentric ones, light colors such as white, beige or ivory are the best solutions because they accentuate the luminosity and visually enlarge the space. Pastel colors are also good choices. Sounds too bland? Don’t panic, with a few decorative objects, a touch of wood and a little greenery, you can create a bathroom that is both unique and comfortable!

For a large bathroom, you can choose between warm tones that give a feeling of well-being and cocooning, or cool tones for an energizing effect.

Combined with wood or marble furniture and decor, you can even go black for a unique and trendy effect!

Choose a color according to the size of the room

Choose a color according to the opening of the rooms

In master suites, it is common for the bathroom to be completely open to the bedroom.

In this context, it is important to preserve a uniformity with the dominant color of the room.

Thus, it is preferable to tabulate identical colors by adding a piece of furniture of separation or some accessories of decoration in order to differentiate the various spaces.

Choose a color according to the opening of the rooms

What are the different colors and combinations possible for my bathroom?

There are many possibilities in terms of tones and color combinations in your bathroom! What colors to choose and what combinations to opt for? Here’s what you need to know.

Zoom on the choice of colors for my bathroom

A white bathroom

Let’s start with a classic. Whether you decide to dress your walls with white paint or white tiles, you’re going with a sure thing. White is a timeless color, no matter what room you have in your home. For the floor, white tiles are also a good choice. Creating a zen and modern atmosphere, white also conveys the image of cleanliness. To give the room a little originality and style, you can use a few colorful decorative touches (on your wall tile strips, for example), wooden furniture and anthracite grout. If you find this color too bland, a beige or ivory color will also be of the most beautiful effect.

white bathroom

A pink bathroom

It often sways the hearts of women, pink remains a popular shade for the bathroom. Soft, pleasant and delicate, this color blends in with all styles, from modern to classic. In addition, it blends very well with various materials including wood. Note, however, that its application must be done in touches to avoid the candy effect. For a successful effect, it is better to be satisfied with a section of wall or to break the artificial side of this color by wooden furniture.

pink bathroom

A taupe-colored bathroom

Close to gray, taupe is warmer and adapts very well to Zen environments. If you choose this tone for your walls and floor, do not hesitate to opt for furniture made of raw materials – wood, waxed concrete – which blend very well with this natural color.

A taupe-colored bathroom

A red bathroom

For a modern and design effect, red is a first choice color! If it can be chosen as the color of the floor tiles as well as the walls, it is advisable to apply it in small touches in order to keep only the energizing effect and to avoid a too aggressive result. From carmine, bright and incisive, to burgundy, more discreet, it goes well with neutral colors, you can associate it with white, cream, light gray or black …

red bathroom

A blue bathroom

The color of water, freshness and vitality, blue exists in multiple shades for a unique design and your image. Arranged in small touches or in a total look for the floor and walls, this color combines wonderfully with light wood furniture for a seaside style.

blue bathroom

Zoom in on the right color combinations for my bathroom

The cameo of colors, a sure value

By using lighter or darker shades of a well-defined color, the cameo, when well done, can distinguish the shower / bath space from the sink / toilet space for example.

The cameo of colors, a sure value

The contrasts

To highlight volumes or correct certain architectural defects, you can rely on color contrasts. More risky than a cameo, the contrast requires a good knowledge of colors. You can bet on red and orange, black and red or purple and yellow for example.

Remember: In order not to visually clutter the room, it is advisable not to choose more than three colors. For a quality result, it may be useful to call on a professional to assist you.