5 materials to use in wooden house interior

Discover our advice on the type of wood to choose for wooden house interior. Everyone knows the advantages of wood for interior decoration: it is a classic, elegant and durable material. It creates an inimitable cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The range of types of wood available on the market today is very rich. There are varieties suitable for all rooms in the house and for all budgets. Let’s explore together 5 main varieties of wood and examine their advantages as well as their disadvantages.

Wooden house interior and modern style decoration

Currently, pine wood is one of the most widespread materials on the market and it has a very affordable price. It is characterized by its light color with shades of yellow or white, as well as its lightness. Traditionally, it is most often used to decorate mountain chalet style houses or chic country design houses. Among its advantages are its low price and the fact that it ages beautifully developing a rustic look. Its main disadvantage results from the fact that its surface is quite fragile and therefore exposed to scratches.

Interior wood and stone house: a timeless combination

Cherry is another type of wood that is stronger than pine. It is distinguished by its rich color, with red or brown shades. This material is often used for furniture making and it would be suitable for decorating a space with furniture in the same range of tones. On the other hand, cherry can be quite expensive and darken with age, making it less suitable for spaces with little light.

Contemporary style

Oak wood is solid and comes in many different colors. It is an extremely durable material, with a characteristic look, which adapts easily to all types of rooms. The use of this kind of wood has almost no disadvantages. However, care must be taken when applying chemicals such as lacquers and paint. Their effect may accentuate the grain of the wood so that its surface appears as if painted in two colors.

Interior wooden house with design

Walnut wood stands out for its chocolate color and solidity. It is a material that is used to make luxury furniture or furniture with a retro look and would fit perfectly in a decor of both styles. Its solidity and beauty come at a rather high price, which is also its main drawback.

Large open and welcoming space

Like pine wood, maple wood has a light color with a touch of cream tones. Maple is one of the strongest varieties on our list and is also very durable, preserving its exterior appearance over time. The only downside of this material is that one must be well informed on how to treat it to avoid producing unsightly stains on its surface.